A Word of Warning
Before You Order Tartans

A word of warning is a quick summary of things to double check as you order tartans. Each supplier has slight differences, so be sure about exactly what you are ordering ~
  • Buy a sample swatch to verify color, texture, weight, and quality of the tartan

  • Is the tartan being sold in yards or metres (39 inches)?

  • What is the width of the tartan?

  • Is the price in British Pounds Sterling (₤, GBP) or U.S. dollars ($, USD)?

  • If the tartan source is a UK company, what are the shipping charges?

  • Is there an import duty on the specific item? Call a U.S. customs office to verify.

  • What is the estimated delivery time from the tartan source?

  • Know the difference between Modern, Antique, Old, Hunting, Dress Tartan
    Albanach, has a good comparison and explanation.

  • Conversion rates from British Pound to US Dollar change daily ~ thus the prices converted actually fluctuate daily.

    X-Rates has the current currency exchange rates

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