Welsh Setts

Before looking at the Welsh setts, Lochcarron of Scotland has a new Welsh Emblem tartan

Welsh Dragon Emblem Tartan

If you’ve ancestry from Wales, the Welsh Dragon tartan could make a very unique statement in wedding theme. The shades of gray, with the white, red and pink would make a good contrast. There’s always lots of white, red, and pink flowers available. Putting the groom or his groomsmen in the Highland Granite tartan by Lochcarron would add to the formality of your wedding. With it’s shades of black and gray, Highland Granite is fast becoming the universal formal wedding tartan.


If you’re looking for something with more color, look at the other 4 Welsh tartans.

Welsh Assembly Commemorative WR2524 ~
celebrating Wales independence from Great Britain and the creation of the Wales national assembly.

Welsh National Tartan 2756

Welsh National District Tartan WR2167 ~
details of this sett were taken from a members kilt in 1993.

Welsh National District Tartan WR1523 ~
This tartan owes its origin to a Society formed in Cardiff in 1967. Its aims were cultural and political - to strengthen Celtic ties and give visible signs of being an individual nation in culture, language and dress. The colours are those of the Welsh flag. It is said that the design was based on the Lord of the Isles tartan because the present Lord is also Prince of Wales.

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