Wedding Venues for a Scottish Theme ~
Where Will You Have Your Wedding?

Wedding venues can be a contributing factor in utilizing your Scottish roots.
  • church or wedding chapel
  • beach weddings
  • other water features
  • mountains, deserts, woodlands
  • gardens and lawns
  • famous and historic homes and sites
  • famous wedding sites
  • ships and boats
  • other outdoor venues

As you work on through your Scottish Wedding Plan, you’ll be choosing a site for your wedding. This is no different than deciding where you’ll have any wedding.

Wedding locations can be anywhere you’d like ~

Church and Wedding Chapels

a kirk, or church ~ small or grand.

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A wedding chaipel, chapel

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Beach Weddings and Other Water Features as a Wedding Site

Another popular wedding venue is on the foreland, for a beach wedding.

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Many bridal couples choose beside a running burn, stream for their wedding venue.

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A linn, or waterfall, is also a wonderful wedding venue. The first fall is on the St. Mary’s River, in the George Washington National Forest. The second fall is the Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota.

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A tranquil powl, a pool or pond, can be another outstanding wedding venue. The first pond is at Menno-Hof at Shipshewana, Indiana.

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Beside a loch, or lake, can be a memorable wedding venue.

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There are many quaint and magnificent brigs, or bridges, around the country that would make a nice, distinctive wedding venue.

Maine bridge image courtesy

Mountains, Deserts, and Woodlands as a Wedding Site

Many a bride’s dreams has included a ben, mountain, or brae, hill, in the background as the wedding venue.

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Up a secluded glen, or steep valley, especially when the local wildflowers are in bloom, could make a spectaular wedding venue.

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Planning a wedding in the desert when the spring flowers have burst into bloomcould be another spectacular wedding venue.

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Planning a wedding venue in a shaw, or woodland, would be a romantic throw-back to Medieval days. With trees either blooming in Spring or Autumn colors ablaze, the setting would be unforgettable.

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Gardens and Lawns as a Wedding Site

Many buildings and gardens have a green, an expanse of lawn or grass, that can be the background for a lovely wedding venue.

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Having your wedding ceremony is your own kailyaird, backyard, or your groom’s kailyaird, would place you in a spot with lots of wonderful memories from childhood, making this wedding venue very special.
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You probably don’t have a fantastic gazebo like this in your own backyard, But other private individuals, wedding locations, gardens, and historical sites do.

A public gairden, garden, can often be a glorious wedding venue, depending on the time of year and what flowers are in bloom. The fragrances of the blooming flowers would be an added boon.

Florida garden image courtesy

Florida garden image courtesy

Famous and Historic Homes and Sites
for Your Wedding

There are historical biggins, buildings, and sights across the country that could be a one-of-a-kind wedding sites.

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The Clermont State Historic Site in Germantown, New York is another possibility. It’s a Hudson River estate established by Robert Livingston in 1728. They offer a number of sites for weddings.

Visible across the Hudson River from the house are the high peaks of the Catskill Mountains that inspired the estate's name. Clermont means "clear mountain" in French.

Image courtesy Friends of Clermont

Restored to its early twentieth-century appearance, Clermont's furnishings and airy pastoral landscapes and vistas reflect the continuum of a unique and vanishing way of life along the Hudson River.

The estate is full of history and is the site of Livingston family reunions.

Janet Livingston, the eldest daughter of Judge Robert and Margaret Beekman Livingston, exchanged vows with the valiant General Richard Montgomery in the drawing room of the manor house in July 1773.

Robert Fulton’s first workable steamboat was co-inspired and financed by Chancellor Robert R. Livingston. The steamboat’s first official trip along the Hudson on August 17th and 18th, 1807 changed the way Americans understood travel and distance. The record-breaking speeds first altered travel along the Hudson River and later westward expansion and Trans-Atlantic immigration.

Clermont has been designated a United States National Historic Landmark since 1973. The estate is also an anchor in the Hudson River National Landmark District, a twenty-mile stretch of riverfront land in northern Dutchess and southern Columbia counties.

Another unique wedding location would be London Bridge, at Lake Havasu in Arizona. The bridge touches on Scottish history, and it was purchased and rebuilt at Lake Havasu by a Scotsman named McCullough.

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One garden and estate I can highly recommend is The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. If you marry in Gatlinburg, at least try to make a side trip to The Biltmore. The drive is about two hours, but an experience of a lifetime.


Now that your creative juices are flowing with possibilities, here’s some lists that might help.

Botanical Gardens listed by state

National Historic Places listed by state

U.S. Rivers listed by state

State Parks listed by state

U.S. National Parks listed by state

Famous Wedding Locations
for Your Scottish Theme Wedding

Image courtesy

Las Vegas ~
a word unto itself.
There is no place
on earth quite like Vegas.
Surprisingly, not
everyone goes there
to gamble.

Today the majority
of visitors are
non-gamblers, going
for the nightlife,
the shows, and the fun.

Basically, you name it,
Vegas has it.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the second most popular U.S. wedding site. Gatlinburg also has a very strong Scottish heritage and hosts Annual Highland Games. The mountains, rivers, and waterfalls in the area are reminiscent of the Highlands.

More sedate and staid than Vegas, it’s a picture postcard location, nestled in the Smoky Mountains

Image courtesy Gatlinburg Department of Tourism

If you’re looking for a combination wedding and honeymoon site, this could be it ~ especially if you love the mountains.

The locals really cater to the wedding parties. There are Bed and Breakfast Inn’s that have facilities for lodging, meals, the ceremony, and the reception. Most can accommodate up to 30 people.

The Wedding Chapels also hold up to 30 people. There is one larger church in the downtown area.

Almost everything in the city is within walking distance. Though many of the picturesque B&B;’s and chapels are in the surrounding countryside.

While visiting, it’s not unusual to see people fly-casting in the stream that runs through downtown.

There are several shows playing regularly in the area, the most famous being The Dixie Stampede and the going’s on at Dollywood.

There are train tours through the mountains, hot-air balloon rides, and all-terrain vehicles for tours. The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce has lots of information and referrals.

Mall of America, Bloomington, MN, ~ Chapel of Love Mall of America is the most visited shopping mall in the world with more than 40 million visitors annually (or roughly eight times the population of the state of Minnesota).

Image courtesy

They have their own wedding chapel, with a wedding apparel shop next door.

Ships and Boats as a Wedding Site

It’s becoming more popular to have your wedding on a cruise ship. The Queen Elizabeth II would be an appropriate wedding location.
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Any cruise ship would be spectacular. You can combine your wedding and your honeymoon. A main consideration is that friends and family probably would not be able to attend.
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There are also sailing cruises on boats that would accommodate a small wedding.
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Getting married in a houseboat chapel would be a very unique wedding venue. If you live near either coast, you might find one in the houseboat communities.
On many of the larger inland lakes there are huge houseboats available. They can be rented on a daily basis. For a daytrip, a goodly number of passengers could be accommodated. If you wanted a ceremony and reception where no one could crash your wedding, this would be a wedding venue to consider.

I know they can be rented on Lake Travis, outside Austin, Texas, and Dale Hollow Reservoir near Byrdstown, Tennessee.

A third water possibility, if you live near the coasts, or on the Great Lakes, is the tall ships.
Cutty Sark image courtesy

The Cutty Sark isn’t available, it’s in drydock, with funds being raised to refurbish it. The Cutty Sark was built in Dumbarton, Scotland. She was the fastest of the clipper ships and the only one to survive.

But there are other tall ships that ply the coasts and Great Lakes during the summer months. Just to sail on them is exciting. To be married aboard one would be a memorable wedding venue.

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Image courtesy

Other Outdoor Wedding Venues

Another wedding venue that’s more accessible to landlubbers is your local golf course. Or one close by with a club house big enough to accommodate your guests.
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One last suggestion for a wedding venue is a vineyard. They’re not only in California, but Texas, Virginia, and other states now have commercial vineyards. Most have nice buildings for wine tastings. Most of these can accommodate a wedding reception.
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