Wedding Tartan

Wedding tartan was created for a specific wedding and, mostly likely, reused in family weddings down through the generations.

Though limited in number, some of these Scottish tartans have sketchy histories, others have more information about them. If you decide to create a new tartan for your wedding, when it’s registered, be certain to include name, date, and occasion details.

Among wedding tartan, this is a favorite for me. It was found as a fragment, this tartan was part of a dress of shawl. A Miss Middleton from Mains of Logie in Angus wore this tartan to her wedding. She wed George Ross in 1766. This was during the Proscription when British law forbade the wearing of tartans.

Ross Wedding Dress Artifact Tartan WR90

Based on a coat fragment of the Royal Company of Archers, from c. 1730, historians believe that Carolina is the same sett used for the wedding ribbons of Charles II. He was wed in 1661.

Carolina District Tartan WR1377

This tartan was created to reflect the Marshall of Keith lineage and to knit the Marshall family together as a clan or family. It was for the wedding of John McClellan Marshall and is a restricted tartan.

Marshall of Keith 2976

John and Janice Swankie has House of Edgar create this tartan for their wedding. They came from the Arbroath area and their name is associated with the fishing industry. The red, which stands out so dominantly, recalls red sunrises and sunsets, which forebode a stormy or calm day for the fishermen. Possibly a red seaweed was prevalent or harvested in the area.

Swankie Name Tartan WR2481

The Livingstone Family Wedding Dress Tartan was sewn into a wedding dress for a Miss Livingstone. If she didn’t marry at Christmas, she should have!

Livingstone Family Wedding Dress Tartan WR2565

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