Wedding Shoes
for Scottish Theme Bridal Wear

Summary of Wedding Shoes ~
  • History of Shoes
  • Tartan Shoe Sources
  • Specialty Shoe Sources
  • A Closet Full of Shoes Book Review
  • Embellishing Your Shoes for a Personal Touch
  • Machine Embroidery Motif Sources
  • Shoe Personalization from Shoemissy

Wedding shoes ~ your first instinct is to look for white shoes for the bride, a matching color for the bridesmaid dresses, and black or white patent Mary Jane’s for the flower girl.

If you’re a typical woman, you’ll be wanting several new pair for the parties and celebrations ~ the shower, your stag party, the rehearsal, possibly the reception, and going away.

There are pairs for each of your needs. They may be kid leather, satin, suede, patent ~ whichever pair is just right for you. Just shoes, period. You gotta love ‘em. Why not love ‘em in tartan?

We women are accused of having a shoe fetish. If Imelda Marcos had over one thousand pairs, I wonder how many Marie Antoinette had. Or how about Mary, Queen of Scots? History of Shoes covers the little that’s known about shoes through the ages.

Though not plentiful, there are a few Sources for Tartan Shoes and Boots.

Only two have tartan boots and shoes available in a large choice of tartans ~ and three plus shoe styles to choose from.

If tartan shoes seem over-the-top for you, here’s some other sources for Specialty Shoes and Boots.

Ideas for embellishing your own bridal shoes are plentiful. The problem is finding and utilizing them in a practical, yet creative way. A book I highly recommend is

Read A Closet Full of Shoes Book Review here.

For ideas about how to use the book’s basic designs and add a Scottish or tartan twist.

Ladies Medieval Slippers are a fun, economical, creative way to personalize your bridal shoes.

If you need sources for machine embroidery motifs, such as Celtic knots and thistles, Machine Embroidery Motif Sources can help.

To embellish your bridal shoes for a personal touch, you need a pair of shoes to start with. Embellished Shoe Ideas is a good place to start.

Don’t feel like you can do your own embellishing? There’s a service, Shoemissy that can help. Self described as a superkitsch boutique, they offer custom wedding shoes personalizing and they also do tartan, as this photo shows

They are located in England, so you will need two weeks each way, plus customs fee, to ship your shoes to them and back.

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