Wedding Shoes Embellishment for Personalized Bridal Shoes

These wedding shoes embellishment ideas, use the book, A Closet Full of Shoes, for the basic design elements, adding a Scottish or tartan twist.

Here’s some specific suggestions for creative ideas while using the book instructions
  • Jacquard Heels Mules, page 78, with tartan fabric and coordinated ribbons and trim.

  • Heirloom Boots, page 86, with tartan and old family photographs. If you’re buying tartan for other purposes and will have scraps at least 10 x 10 inches, these could be done without buying additional fabric. It you would have to order the ½ yard of tartan just for these, a pair from the sources for tartan shoes and boots might prove to be less expensive.

  • Ribbon Toe Mules, page 66, with ribbons either laid on all in the same direction, or woven in and out in two directions for stability and eye-appeal.

  • Floral Butterfly Shoes, page 69, with painted Scottish Thistles.

  • Exotic Asian Heels, page 36, with Celtic knot or thistle appliques, would compliment a tartan wedding dress.

    The appliques can be sewn on an embroidery machine. The motifs software can be downloaded from the Machine Embroidery Motif Sources.

    To create these appliques, be sure to use a water soluble stiffener while sewing the motifs and trim any protruding threads when done.

Absoutely nothing to do with a Scottish wedding theme or bridal shoes, BUT the Blossom Sandals and Hat, on page 40, scream out “Carmen Miranda, Carmen Miranda!”

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