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Summary of Wedding Favors
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  • Welsh Wedding Spoons
  • Flower Bulb
  • Flower Seeds
  • Jordan Almonds
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Wedding favors are an expression of thanks to your guests for joining in your wedding celebration. They don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. You don’t even have to give them. The determining factors are your budget, your personal feelings, and the traditions within your family and your community.

They can be silly, humorous, serious, of no account, or an extenuation of your basic wedding theme.

One young Christian couple I knew gave every one a booklet about the true Christ-like meaning of marriage and what they hoped theirs would evolve into. Ten years later, it is still a blessing to be in their company, along with their growing family.

Welsh Wedding Spoons

Discussed briefly in a Scottish Wedding Theme Newsroom blog,

Welsh wedding spoons are intriguing and chock full of Celtic tradition.

Each motif has it’s own meaning. They are becoming so popular that miniature ones are being produced to be given as favors.

Flower Bulbs

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales, but it now worn universally on Tartan Day as a symbol of the Celts, specifically Scotland. I suspect it’s hard to find thistles blooming in early April and to wear a real one could be quite prickly!

Flower Seeds

Small packets of wedding flower seeds are readily found. How about just lavender or Scottish wildflowers?

Jordan Almonds

No discussion of Scottish wedding favors is complete without Jordan Almonds. Specifically, five somehow nestled together. The color is whatever strikes your fancy, but there must be five.

The sugar symbolized the sweet aspects of life, while the almond symbolized the bitter. The five almonds represented health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity.

Scottish Tablet

There’s many sources for Scottish Tablet, but one that will ship to the U.S. is another story. Their name is Highland Favours.

They fill their favor containers with Loch Leven Tablet. The ingredients are all of premium quality ~ Scottish butter, water, sugar and condensed milk. They add no preservatives or flavorings, just one secret ingredient.

For wedding favors, the tablet can be packaged in a variety of boxes, bags, netting, and envelopes ~ or loose in bulk.

As well as traditional boxes, they also have boxes shaped like hearts, top hats, pillows, flutes, and purses. Handmade boxes and bags are also available.

Pockets (drawstring bags) and boxes can be personalized with your names and wedding date. Clan tartan, or a selection of wedding theme colors, are offered for the ribbon.

As well as for wedding favors, serving suggestions are with your after dinner coffee or in bowls for nibbling for any special occasion, or just to pamper yourself.

Other Ideas

Another company from Great Britain, they have an interesting selection of favor containers that they fill with candies or dried flowers (in place of rice for tossing as the bridal couple leave).

I Do Wedding Favours has cones and pouches made of lace and decorative tulle netting. They carry a line of bombonieres, which are Italian wedding favor pouches that a very fancy and pretty.

One choice is Blodwen. It has a small Welsh love spoon and the color on the tulle is gradually blended from the edges back to white.

Confetti originally came from Italy, so why not bombonieres as well.

As other Scottish theme favors and sources are located, they’ll be included.

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