A Wedding Dress
For Your Scottish Wedding

Find a wedding dress for your Scottish wedding ~ be it Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, Edwardian, Vintage, or Modern ~ with Celtic and Scottish embellishments and motifs.


  • What to do when your dream dress is beyond your wedding budget
  • Body types and matching bridal gown styles
  • Wedding Gown Colors
  • Ladies 10 Main Fashion Eras
  • Scottish dress history, including the poem Tartania, The Plaid by Allan Ramsay
  • Royal Gowns
  • Historical Gowns for a Scottish Wedding Theme ~ Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, and Edwardian
  • Historical Gown Dressmakers

A wedding gown, a veil, a train, oh my! …the day you’ve dreamed about for years is fast approaching.

Have you imagined a wedding gown from the Medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian eras…with Celtic or Scottish embellishments and motifs…

In your mind have you seen neckline, the sleeves, the billowing skirt…but don’t know where to find them them?

Are you dreaming of a Medieval bridal gown? Perhaps a lavish Renaissance wedding gown? How about a Victorian bridal dress with a hooped skirt? An ever-so-feminine Edwardian wedding gown with a bustle? Maybe something Vintage, Retro, or Modern?

Whatever style bridal gown you’ve dreamed about, more than likely there’s a source for buying it. It’s simply a matter of you and the sources connecting…and that’s why we’re here …to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams for your Scottish wedding theme.

Way back on the Wedding Plan page, you should have worked up a budget and know just how much you can spend on your dress and accessories.

If not, take a little time, go back and work up a budget so you don’t blow your whole wedding budget on your dress…it’s been known to happen, much to many a father’s heart-failure.

If you’ve found the dress and it’s in your budget, go for it. If your dream is Drew Barrymore’s Cinderella ballgown, right out of ‘Ever After’, go for it. We’ve even got a source for it. If it’s a gorgeously beaded wedding gown, embroidered with Celtic knots and it’s in your budget, go for it. If it’s a simple Edwardian jacket and skirt, we’ve found it, so go for it.

But what can you do if your dream gown is so far beyond your budget that you can’t just fudge a little?

Consider some alternatives...

For ideas, including where to go for deeply discounted wedding gowns, go to Fire Your Wedding Planner

Which Wedding Gown Style
Is Right for You?

The style you choose should be influenced by your body type. A tall woman dresses differently than a short one. A slender woman will choose one style while someone a lot heavier will choose another style of gown. Wedding dresses are as distinctive as the women who wear them.

Do you look like a triangle, rectangle, hour-glass, or inverted triangle? 1 Wedding Source has information on the four main body types and how to select wedding dresses for your body type. It’s good information any ‘body’ will appreciate.


Even though traditional wedding gown colors were on the Scottish Wedding Traditions pages here’s a recap, along with their meanings for the Medieval knights, and modern meanings. You might want to keep them in mind as you browse and select ideas for the wedding gowns for yourself, your bridesmaids, the flower girl, and mother of the bride.

Ladies Fashion History Through the Ages

Don’t you just love fine fabrics ~ the touch against your skin…how they drape…the swish of a full, formal skirt. Or the play of light on a silky satin fabric…the woven textures…perhaps the patterns of beading that enrich and embellish.

Maybe what we imagined when we were reading stories of ancient times where maidens lovely gowns were described. Here are the ten main fashion eras ~ and the years they encompass ~

Within each period of history, there are gowns to compliment each style and size for the bride and her attendants. Tracing Scottish dress history starts across the English Channel.

Women have always wanted to know what the royalty are wearing, especially when it comes to wedding days.

Here’s some information, portraits, and photographs about royal gowns , so you can see for yourself.

As with the kilts and tartans, a history of ladies’ dresses will help solidify what era and styles will fulfill your wedding dreams.

Here's hundreds of dresses that can be adapted for a Scottish wedding theme. Each has suggestions for tartan, Celtic knot, and other Scottish motifs to embellish the gowns to wear as part of your Scottish wedding theme ~

Historic Medieval Gowns as wedding dresses

Historic Renaissance Gowns as wedding dresses

Historic Victorian Wedding Dresses

Historic Edwardian Gowns


Historical Gown Dressmakers

  • Very Merry Seamstress offers a variety of gowns for a Scottish theme wedding.

    They seem almost limitless in their selections. Mostly their specialty is Renaissance and Medieval dresses, but also offer elegant movie theme dresses. You'll also find period headgear, historic jewelry reproductions, men's and children's wear, and even historic maternity bodices.

  • Dressed In Time, based in Fife, Scotland, is another source for historical gowns.

    As a dressmaker, historic garments and bridal wear from the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, plus Regency categories are featured.

    Her selection of underpinnings includes corsets from many fashion eras, petticoats, crinolines, panniers, bum-rolls, and bustle pads


    Do you know which princess paid for her bridal gown with ration coupons? How about which princess revived the romantic wedding gown? To see the coronation and wedding gowns of European royalty and learn of their influence on our modern styles of bridal gowns …look for the answers in our upcoming Scottish Wedding Theme blog.

    To be added ~ Vintage Gowns, Modern Gowns, Embellishing Ready-Made and Custom Designed Wedding Gowns, Finding Used Wedding Gowns, Dressmaker and Designer Sources Listing by States, Patterns with Scottish suggestions, Fabric Sources, Tartan Undies to Buy and Sew, Tartan Shoes and Boots, and much more.

    A note about your Scottish wedding clothes ~ As the styles may be “foreign” to you, have everyone wear their attire a few times to get the feel of being ‘laddies and lassies’. In many cases, you also need to see if the undergarments do their job and fit comfortably.

    Have fun, as any good Scotsman would at a wedding, and the very best wishes for a long and blessed marriage!

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