How To Buy the Dream Wedding Dress That’s Too Expensive

Dream Wedding Dress Too Expensive?

When your heart says “Yes” and your wedding budget says “No”, don’t just throw your wedding plan out the window

What can you do when you simply can’t afford the wedding gown of your dreams ~

  • Contact a local or online seamstress and get a bid on a similar wedding dress. Just make sure you get references and check them out. Look at samples of their work, closely examining the work for content, construction, and finish details. If the references are local, you could ask to see their finished bridal gowns.

  • Rework your wedding budget

    • You can reduce what you spend on favors, or eliminate them completely. If you’ve allowed $2 per person for reception favors and want to invite 200 guests, that’s $400.
    • Another option is to pare down your guest list.
    • If you’ve allowed $500 for custom engraved invitations, consider using software to design and print your own, possibly gaining $450 for that special gown.
    • Are you planning to serve liquor at your reception? Would you enjoy wearing and remembering the over-budget gown more?

    Keep looking until you’ve found enough money elsewhere in your wedding budget.

  • Have a garage sale and get rid of “stuff” from both of you that just won’t fit into your new married lifestyle. You could possibly gain another $100 to $200.

    Several years ago my husband and I had a yard sale, just to move our “junk”, which became someone else’s “treasures” and sold over $800 of just stuff.

  • Take a part-time second job, putting all your earnings toward your wedding dress budget.

  • If you just can’t swing the cost, look for something similar, or go looking for a completely different bridal gown.

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