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Summary of Very Merry Seamstress Gowns

  • Scottish and Irish Gowns
  • Other Period Pieces
  • Movie Gowns
  • Historical Eras
  • Accessing Their Designs
  • A Sampling for Scottish Embellishments
  • Ghillies and Stockings
  • Men’s Vests and Shirts
  • Reproduction Renaissance Jewelry
  • Envelope and Letter Folding
  • Kilt Lifting Kit

This site for ladies, mens, and childrens wear is so extensive, it's hard to cover all they create for re-enactors, Renaissance Faire participants, theme weddings, and costume parties.

Historic Period Pieces

You can find undergarments, headwear, fairie wings, and cloaks. Their bridal cloak, which is of chiffon, could be trimmed with a narrow tartan ribbon, ~ another embellishment that would proclaim your Scottish heritage.

An example of such a decorative trim is in this 1452 portrait of the Queen of Sheba, where the inside edge of the train is trimmed with a different fabric.

They also create historic maternity bodices.

Special Movie Gowns

The Lord of the Rings, Ever After, Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge, Titanic, and Hermione's Yule ballgown from Harry Potter ~ movie gowns are a specialty at Very Merry Seamstress.

Historic Eras

Eras they design for include Medieval, Renaissance, Rococco, Regency, Victorian, and Civil War.

Confused by the different eras and what years they represent? The Ten Historical Eras of Fashion and the years they encompass will help. You'll find hundreds of design ideas in the various eras.

Just scroll down to select the different historical eras on the Scottish Wedding Dreams Wedding Dress pages.

Very Merry Seamstress can also adapt many of these gowns for your Scottish wedding dress.

Very Merry Seamstress Gowns

Many of their designs can be easily accessed from the What's New page.

For lots of wedding gown samples be sure to also visit

These gowns are mostly of cotton, but they also offer finer fabrics in brocades, damasks, jacquards and silks in varying price lines. The fabrics available are on two different pages ~

And now to some gown samples…

Scottish and Irish Gowns

Here's some examples from the dress pages that could be worn as Scottish wedding dresses. My only suggestion is to use authentic tartan fabrics in either Reiver weight wool or silk and ribbons in wool or polyester, which can be found at Scottish Wedding Dreams Tartan Sources .

There are separate sections for Scottish and Irish gowns, any of which could be worn by the bride, bridesmaids, mothers, flower girl, or guests. The gowns start at $115 and go up to $5,000+.

If your wedding dress budget is really limited, with the less expensive cotton selections, you could afford more Celtic embroidery on the bodice, neckline, or hemline. To embellish your Scottish wedding gown, they offer stock Celtic knot embroidery designs.

  • This skirt and bodice could be in any color combination. The Celtic knot and tartan sash would be the Scottish embellishments.

  • A bolder statement in red and black. Again a Celtic knot design on the bodice would be a nice touch, as would a tartan plaid underskirt to match the sash. Or a tartan overskirt, with a plain colored underskirt.

  • The brocade bodice could work nicely with a tartan overskirt or underskirt. Or the bodice could be of tartan.

  • No longer shown on the website, this gown in golds, with a co-ordinated tartan sash would be striking. The gold chemise offers a choice beyond the typical white cotton or linen.

  • Again, no longer shown in the catalog, but a wonderful Scottish wedding gown. Using a velvet bodice with Celtic knot embroidery, a tartan silk or wool underskirt, and a solid color overskirt, this design sets aside the chemise for a different look.

  • Imagine this dress, also no longer posted on Very Merry Seamstress website, with your tartan substituted for the red pleated stomacher and sleeve lining.

Ghillies and Stockings

Linen or wool stockings are available in a wide selections of colors. Ghillie sandals and other historic shoe styles are varied in style and colors.

I have a pair of the Ghillies in Hunter Green to go with a Hunter green and aqua outfit, so I also ordered a pair of aqua linen stockings.

Men's Vests and Shirts

Men's wedding vests and an embroidered Elizabethan shirt can also be found. For an additional fee, the Elizabethan Shirt could be embroidered in a Celtic design.

Reproduction Renaissance Jewelry

Another of their specialties, with the pieces based on historic portraits. Have one you like, you can submit the portrait and have the piece reproduced. Here’s two examples ~

A close up of the Princess Elizabeth necklace,

The portrait the necklace was reproduced from,

and the Eleanor of Austria Girdle.

Here’s other reproduction pieces available.

Envelope and Letter Folding

As an aside, the Very Merry Seamstress is also a collector of old letters and links to a Gerard Hughes site about Envelope and Letter Folding .

His site includes

  • Why Fold an Envelope
  • History
  • An Explanation of Origami Symbols
  • A Fold Index
  • Origami Links

If you’ve thought about folding your custom made invitations or envelopes, this would be a good place to learn how-to.

Kilt Lifting Kit

Lastly, don't miss the Kilt Lifting Kit, designed so the ladies can indeed see what's on underneath that kilt!

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