Utility Kilts

Utility Kilts are the latest adaptation for everyday wear ~ in sturdy fabrics that can withstand abuse and be laundered. They are a casual kilt that costs less to purchase and maintain than a wool tartan kilt.

American utility kilts start at $85. The cut and the sewing process is a little different than the Highland kilt, using less fabric.

If the groom, the bride, or anyone in the wedding party is uncomfortable with kilts being worn, these websites can help ease those fears and introduce people to kilt-wearing.

Wearing an American kilt is a good way to experiment with kilt-wearing as you go about your everyday business. You can become more comfortable with your pant legs missing and find out how much you like it.

The American kilts are available in denim, canvas, leather, camouflage, corduroy, national flags, and other fabrics for everyday wear. Some have coordinating or wildly opposing fabrics inside the pleats.

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In a Pittsburgh Kilts photo gallery, in the last frame, there’s even a photo of a wedding in Scotland with one of the groomsmen wearing an American kilt!

At a recent 2006 Highland Games, I noticed an increase in the number of American casual kilts being worn compared to last year…I’d guess there were at least twice as many.

The following sources are good information sites, with links to lots of utility kilt makers.

Amerikilt ~ the kilt includes a detachable sporran and hip pocket of matching fabric. The Metropolitan Museum of Art recognized the AmeriKilt as a forerunner in the effort to revitalize the kilt.

Kiltmen ~ great photos, forums, advice on overcoming the objections of others, and lots more.

Komfi Kilt Company ~ two styles at $145 and $185.

Pittsburgh Kilts ~ detailed directions for sewing your own American-style kilt, a gallery of photos, innovators of the colorful contrasting pleat inserts.

Sportkilt ~ a baby kilt for baby to 2-years old, in 35+ tartans ~ $29.50. Men's kilts begin at $89 and $125.

X Marks the Scot ~ a listing of casual kilt companies with their price ranges.

Utilikilts ~ their webpage is a hoot. They have ad contests that are really innovative.

As more companies come online, we’ll be adding them to our list.

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