Universal Setts

Universal setts can be worn by anyone. They open up a broader selection of tartans that can be worn.

These tartans can be worn by anyone, Scots or not, of a clan or not ~ to enable anyone with an interest in Scotland to don a tartan. They also allow anyone who is unsure of their Scottish clan heritage to still wear a tartan with no reprisals from anyone…unless it’s discovered you are actually part of a clan. Then try explaining to the most adamant why you’re not wearing ‘their’ tartan.

Some of these tartans are labeled universal, others aren’t, but fall into the universal category.

You can wear any of these Universal setts. Black Watch and Flower of Scotland are available from most kilt rental agencies.

Atlantic Ancient Trade 1781

Auld Lang Syne 3071

Black Watch Dress 1965

Braveheart Warrior WR2231
Note these are not the tartan seen in the movie ‘Braveheart’.

Braveheart Warrior Dress WR2236

Braveheart Warrior Hunting WR2237

The Tartan of Celts 2713

Common Kilt 554

Diaspora 2690

Dogwood Trade WR913

Flower of Scotland WR2059
A universal design, created as a tribute to Roy Williamson, writer of the words and music of 'The Flower of Scotland'. Roy wore the Gunn tartan which has been used as the framework of the new tartan. Cornflower blue and Zephyr green have been used to suggest the bluebell and the thistle.

The Great Scot 2980

Heather Isle

Highland Granite

Scottish Odyssey
A Lochcarron of Scotland exclusive tartan

Scotland Forever

Scotland's Own Tartan WR2592

Scottish Pride

Scottish Watch Universal WR1561

Spirit of Scotland WR2451

Stone of Destiny WR2291

Survivor 3128

Universal Ancient WR136

Wild Geese 3073
A universal commemorative tartan to honor the Irishmen who lived in France as mercenary soldiers as the result of the religious intolerance in the eighteen and nineteenth centuries. The design merges the Green, White and Gold of the Irish Tricolour with the Red, White and Blue of the French flag. The Black running through is to remember those who lost their lives.

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