Ten Eras of Fashion
For Your Scottish Wedding

These ten eras of fashion can help you fine tune your Scottish theme wedding.Each era has distinct fashion touches, while they also overlapped during the transitions from one era to another.

Costumes worn at Renaissance Fairs, Highland Games, and other events are often a combination of two historical eras. That’s ok, unless as a purist you want to portray an exact era of history.

These divisions will help guide you as you view and select costume details for your Scottish wedding dress and theme.

The eras of fashion are

  • Medieval ~ 500 to 1500
  • Renaissance ~ 1500 to 1820
    • Tudor ~ 1500 to 1558
    • Baroque ~ 1689 to 1702
    • Rococco ~ 1730 to1760
    • Empire, Regency ~ 1810 to 1820
  • Victorian ~ 1820 to 1901
  • Edwardian ~ 1901 to 1918
  • Vintage ~1918 to 1960’s
  • Modern ~ 1970 to 2000’s

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