Tartans for Your Scottish Theme Wedding

Tartans Summary:

  • Introduction
  • Scottish Plaid Fabrics in History 101
  • Other Selections Commemorative Setts
    Famous Family Setts
    Famous Historic Setts
    Corporate Setts
    Organization Setts
    Universal Setts
    U.S. National Setts
    U.S. State Setts
    U.S. City Setts
    U.S. County Setts
    U.S. Historical Setts
    U.S. Military Setts
    U.S. School Setts
    Irish Setts
    Welsh Setts
  • Favored Groupings ~ Houston, Culloden, and Rainbow
  • Emblem Theme Patterns
  • Lochcarron Heirloom Collection
  • Ribbon
  • Warnings
  • Weights
  • Silks
  • Sources
  • So You’re Going To Wear the Kilt ~ a book with more details


You have your list of those beautiful Scottish plaid fabrics in hand and are raring to go. But if you know a little about tartan history, you’re choices might change.

Tartan History 101

With many of the setts, there’s so much history interwoven in their past. Why not learn a little more about them and how it evolved into the vast array you can choose from today.

Tartan History 101 will give you a short course. Not only will you learn about the setts, but you’ll gain more respect for it, for your ancestors, and for how you’ll display your choices within your Scottish wedding theme.

Other Options For Selecting Your Setts

You’re not just limited to finding clan affiliations and their tartans. Take a look at these choices available to you…

Favored Groupings

Houston, Culloden, and Rainbow ~ these are some of my personal favorites.

  • Houston ~ I just plain like it. The background is an old gold color, but viewed as a whole pattern, the color looks like a shade of kiwi. And from a distance, the eye sees the green stripe as teal.

  • Rainbow ~ almost carnival in it’s colors.

  • Culloden ~ lovely lavenders and grays, one with a marigold color, historical setts found on the battlefield. This combination can be quite striking. Plus the samples are so full of history.

For a Christmas, or Valentine’s wedding, the red and green choices you can combine are almost endless.

Emblem Theme Setts

A new, exciting line from Lochcarron of Scotland, these setts celebrate Ireland, Scotland, Canada, United States, and Wales with a display of Emblem Setts symbolic of these countries.

Lochcarron Heirloom Collection

A collection of 10 tartans, woven in wool, but based on a grouping of 19th century silk tartan, in uniquely different colors by Lochcarron of Scotland.

Tartan Ribbon

Lists the 15 polyester ribbons readily available, a source for custom polyester ribbon, and 18 sources for polyester and wool plaid ribbon for your Scottish theme wedding.

Tartan Warnings

9 warnings to heed before you order fabric for your Scottish theme wedding.

Tartan Weights

Learn the various weights of common Scottish woolens and how to use them.

Silk Tartans

The Scottish ladies and their love affair with silks, the 73 setts readily available in silk, plus custom sources, and over 15 sources for stock silk tartans can all be found at Silk Tartans.

Tartan Sources

Sources to locate and order your fabrics for kilts, bridal gowns, and decorations for the wedding ceremony and ceilidh reception. With different fiber contents, locations and links. Look at what these Tartan Sources have to offer and choose which one best meets your needs.

So You’re Going To Wear The Kilt

Scottish Tartans authority recognizes J. Charles Thompson as the foremost authority on tartans in North America. This book goes into greater depth with 120 pages. This book also has information on different ways for the ladies to wear their sashes and what each signifies. Thompson also gives instructions on altering military surplus jackets, making garters and rosettes, fringing a plaid, constructing a sporran from scratch, making a two-color cockade for your bonnet, and kilt-wearing etiquette for the purist and the non-purist.

So You're Going To Wear the Kilt

seems to come in and out of availability, so if you’re interested, order while it’s available.

Even if you only wear a kilt once, this is a really big day and it’s nice to have everything right, so get one book or the other...better yet, both.

When you put a man in a kilt something happens to him and the people around him. Jokes and curiosity flourish, but so does an aura and charisma as he proclaims his history through a tartan.

Read about kilts, their various styles, and determining which is right for your Scottish Theme Wedding.

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