Which Tartan Weights To Use Where
In Your Scottish Theme Wedding Plans

Tartan weights play an important role when creating a wedding dress, a formal dance kilt, or a general purpose kilt. Whether it’s a winter kilt for Great Falls, Montana or Miami, Florida makes a big difference. An alter cloth or dinner napkins need to be light enough to use comfortably.

Use this guideline in selecting the weight of wool tartan you will order ~

  • Spring Weight ~ 7 to 8 oz, extra light weight
    For dresses and decorating, the lighter weights have more drape.
    Unless you have a specific purpose, stick with the 8 to 11 oz. tartans for ladies wear and decorating.

    Of old, gentlemen had more than one kilt, including a light-weight one for formal evening wear ~ it swirled nicely while dancing and wasn’t heavy enough to get too warm in the ballroom.
    But with extended use an 8 ounce kilt will stretch out, loose it’s crisp pleating, and sag rather than hang sharply
    The exceptions on the 8-ounce tartan are if you only plan to wear it dancing or as an everyday, washable, rough-and-tumble kilt

  • Reiver ~ 10 to 11 oz, light weight
    An 11 ounce kilt will hang nicely.

  • Braeriach ~ 12 to 13 oz, medium weight
    Generally select a 10 to 13 ounce tartan for kiltmaking
    A 13 ounce kilt is optimal.
    It will hold the pleating of a kilt
    It can be hung up to let the pleats reform
    It rarely needs cleaning and pressing, if properly cared for
    After being worn, you simply hang it up with a skirt hanger and let it air before storing

  • Barathea ~ 14 oz

  • Strom, Strome ~ 15 to 16 oz, heavy weightAn 18-ounce tartan is great in winter, but too hot in the summer over most of the U.S.

For information on transporting a kilt to maintain it’s pleating, go to Kilt carriers

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