Silk Tartan for a Scottish Theme Wedding

Summary of Silk Tartan
  • Silk Banned in Scotland
  • Stock Silk Setts
  • Custom Silk Sources
  • Stock Silk Sources

The swish, the sheen, the rustle, the radiance…ahhhh, silk.

If you can afford silk tartan garments or silk fabric to sew wedding garments, you’ll fall right in line with the past ladies of Scotland.

Silks Were Banned in 1681

Silk has been a popular fabric for the ladies since the first caravan brought it back to Europe from China. In every country, if they could afford it, the ladies wore silk.

In 1681 the rulers of Scotland issued a proscription forbidding the wearing of silk gowns in the major cities of Scotland... seems the ladies had a slight addiction that was thought to be excessive.

Well, we women still obsess over silks. Who can resist?

You can also mix fabrics ~ woolens, silks, cottons, and linens. Just remember silk colors may be move vivid. They’ll also have more luster, plus silk just feel so good next to your skin ~ from lingerie all the way out to the wedding gowns.

Stock Silk Tartans

These are the registered tartans readily available as silk tartans. Be sure to order a swatch before purchasing as some names may not match the Scottish Tartans Authority name designations ~
  • Anderson
  • Anderson Dark
  • Baird
  • Baird Old
  • Black Watch
  • Braveheart Warrior
  • Bruce
  • Buchanan
  • Buchanan Antique
  • Robert Burns Check
  • Cameron Clan
  • Campbell Ancient
  • Chattan
  • Crawford
  • Crawford Ancient
  • Davidson Ancient
  • Douglas Ancient
  • Erskine Black & White
  • Flower of Scotland
  • Forbes Ancient
  • Fraser
  • Gordon Dress
  • Graham of Menteith
  • Graham Menteith Ancient
  • Grampian
  • Gunn
  • Johnston Ancient
  • Kenmore Hunting
  • Kennedy
  • Lindsay
  • MacBeth
  • MacBeth Ancient
  • MacDonald
  • MacDonald of the Isles
  • MacDuff
  • MacGregor
  • MacInnes Hunting
  • MacIntosh
  • MacKay
  • MacKay Ancient
  • MacKenzie
  • MacKenzie Ancient
  • MacLachlan Old
  • MacLean Hunting
  • MacLeod Ancient
  • MacLeod Hunting
  • MacLeod of Lewis
  • MacMillan Hunting
  • MacNaughton
  • MacPherson
  • Macpherson Hunting
  • MacRae Hunting
  • Maple Leaf
  • Murray Ancient
  • Murray Atholl
  • National Tartan, The
  • Perthshire
  • Prince Charles
  • Ramsay Red
  • Remony Red
  • Robertson
  • Robertson Red
  • Ross Hunting
  • Ruthven
  • Scottish National
  • Sinclair
  • Sinclair Red
  • Stewart Camel
  • Stewart Dress
  • Stewart Royal
  • Stewart Royal Antique
  • Wallace
  • Wallace Old

Custom Silk Tartan Sources

If the tartan you want wasn’t listed here, these sources offer custom weaving of silk tartans. Some have minimum orders that might be do-able for you.

Clan Gatherings

  • located in Glasgow, Scotland
  • URL ~ Clan Gatherings.Their silk tartans are near the bottom of the home page.

Donaldsons of Crieff

Highland Clans

  • Location unspecified in UK
  • URL ~ Highland Clans
  • Custom silk tartan minimum 5 metres
  • Priced in 10 cm lengths

Wedding Tartans

Stock Silk Tartan Sources

The following sources sell in-stock silk tartans ~

Clan Gatherings

  • located in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Clan Gatherings
  • As well as the silk tartans lists above, they also carry 11 mini-tartans and 14 Irish tartans in silk.

They also have a lush selection of tartan bodices, skirts, wraps, sashes, wedding gowns, and a custom design studio.

Donaldsons of Crieff

Highland Clans

  • Location unspecified in UK
  • URL ~ Highland Clans
  • Ships within 5 days
  • U.S. orders received within 14 days

J Byou’s Company

Lochcarron of Scotland

  • Located in Lochcarron, Scotland
  • Available through Scotweb Store, Highland Clans, The Scottish Lion, Wools of Scotland

Scot Clans

  • Located in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • URL ~ Scot Clans
  • Shipping 28 days to U.S.

Scotland Shop

The Scottish Lion

  • Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • URL ~ Scottish Lion
  • Ships from New Hampshire
  • Distributes Locharron of Scotland fabrics
  • Ships 8 to 10 weeks
  • Minimum order 1 yard

Tartan Online

  • Located in Glasgow, Scotland
  • URL ~ Tartan Online
  • Shipping immediate on many items

Tartan Time

  • Located in Greenlaw, Scotland
  • URL ~ Tartan Time
  • Ships in 7 to 14 days


  • Located in Hopkinsville, KY
  • URL ~ Tartans 4 U
  • Ships in 4 to 12 weeks
  • Minimum 4 yards on some tartans

Wedding Tartans

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