The Send Off

With the send off, when the bride and groom prepared to leave the reception, the wedding traditions carried on.

The Shoon

At one time the bride’s father gave one of her shoon, or shoes, to the groom, indicating a transfer of responsibility and care of the bride. When the groom accepted the shoe, this was his oath to treat her well.

This evolved into guests throwing an old shoes at the wedding couple, which in turn evolved into throwing rice, and now wedding confetti is thrown.

Tying shoes to the rear bumper also came from this custom.

The Scottish Scramble

When the bridal couple left the reception, they tossed a ball of coins or candy to the local children, thus ensuring plenty throughout the years to come.

The Walk Home

The entire entourage escorted the young couple to their new home. Not only did they walk the wedding couple home, they expected to be invited in, as described on the At the Home page.

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