Scottish Clans
and Your Scottish Theme Wedding

Summary of Scottish Clans ~
  • Clues If You're Scottish
  • How To Search for Your Clan
  • Clan Affiliations, including Clan Plants and Mottos

Many Scottish immigrants have dispersed across North America, leaving clues to their ancestry. Some of these are still around, even in your everyday life.

  • Do you call your father ‘Daddy’, rather than father or papa?

  • Did you grow up eating fried chicken? On the Isle of Skye, in 1773, the renowned James Boswell and Samuel Johnson ate fried fowl in the home of Lachlan MacKinnon. From London to Edinburgh, they had been served roasted and broiled chicken.

    Within the year, the MacKinnons and hundreds of others immigrated from Skye to North Carolina. We assume the recipe for fried chicken went along.

  • Southern biscuits? They’re simply the scones of Scotland. You’re probably Scottish!

  • Your last name is another clue. With it you may find a clan affiliation.

The Roots Go Deep,
So You Gotta Dig For’ Em

If you don’t know your clan affiliations, you can search all the surnames in your family ~ your father, your mother, your grandmothers, your grandfathers ~ looking for the clan affiliations of your names. Once you have those family ties, you can start looking at the various Scottish plaids.


Sample Search for a Clan illustrates this process and the results.

Have you found some clan affiliations? Now look at the

Once you know your clan affiliations, you can begin to look at Clan Tartans

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