Saint Catherines Gown
for a Scottish Wedding Theme

Summary of Saint Catherines Gown
  • St. Catherine 1330 brown silk gown
  • Caithness Silk Tartan
  • County Connacht Tartan
  • County Kerry Tartan
  • County Monaghan Tartan
  • Kwik-Sew Pattern #KS-2631
  • Butterick Pattern #4377
  • McCalls Pattern #4490
  • Sapphire and Sage Reproduction Jewelry
  • Very Merry Seamstress Reproduction Jewelry
  • Very Merry Seamstress Reproduction Slippers

In this portrait of Saint Catherine by Bernardo Daddi in 1330, we see an elaborate yet richly subtle costume.

Book of Costume, Saint Catherines Gown

A mantle is a sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter, while a kirtle is a long Medieval dress or gown, with the hem around ankle length.

The brown mantle (cloak) is edged with embroidered edging and gold thread. You can see this running down her right arm from shoulder to elbow. The mantle is lined with white fur.

The kirtle (gown) is a gold-embroidered green fabric.

As a Scottish wedding gown, the gold embroidery on the kirtle could be medium Celtic knots or thistles, with smaller ones on the trim.

Both the kirtle and mantle could be silk fabric, with silk or wool tartan binding attached with a decorative stitch as the edging.

The mantle could be extended into a train with even more possibilities for embellishment to match the bodice of the kirtle and the decorative edging. Another idea would be to construct the mantle from a tartan, or line the mantle with tartan rather than fur. Caithness #WR2466 silk tartan, available through Scotweb Store, would be a good choice with an olive green and brown mantle and kirtle.

Caithness Silk Tartan #WR2466

The Irish County tartans Connacht, Kerry, or Monaghan are other possibilities in wool tartan to go with the green, brown, gold combination.

County Connacht #WR2168

County Kerry #WR2263

County Monaghan #WR2267

Three dress patterns that can be adapted as Scottish wedding gowns ~

Kwik Sew #2631

All this would need is a lengthened skirt and the embroidery for the bodice.

Butterick #B4377 Gown

Notice the over the wrist sleeve feature on the gown. The cape could be worn to a winter wedding, or for the wedding in a lighter weight tartan or dress fabric.

Butterick #B4377 Cape

McCalls M4490

A decorative Celtic Knot tiara or circlet would complete the bridal attire. (More on tiaras another day).

Also a necklace or girdle, as published on July 8th Sapphire and Sage and July 13th Very Merry Seamstress would make great historical accessories.

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