Royal Houses of the
Kings & Queens of Scotland

The royal houses of Scotland, from 843 AD to the Present – from the ancient Houses of Alpin and Strathclyde to the modern ones of Hanover and Windsor.

By following the lines of royal houses from known history until the present, you can get a better perspective of Scotland, it’s history, and it’s upheavals.

The Alpins
Kenneth I (c.843–858)
Donald I (858–862)
Constantine I (862–877)
Aed (877–878)

The Strathclydes
Eochaid (878–889)

The Alpins?
Giric (878–889)

The Alpins (Restored)
Donald II (889–890)
Constantine II (900–943)
Malcolm I (943–954)
Indulf (954–962)
Dub (962–967)
Culen (967–971)
Kenneth II (971–995)
Constantine III (995–997)
Kenneth III (997–1005)
Malcolm II (1005–1034)

The Dunkelds
Duncan I (1034–1040)

The Morays
MacBeth (1040–1057)
Lulach (1057–1058)

The Dunkelds
Malcolm III (1058–1093)
Donald III (1093–1094)
Duncan II (1094)
Donald III (1094–1097)
Edmund (1094–1097)
Edgar (1097–1107)
Alexander I (1107–1124
Saint David I (1124–1153)
Malcolm IV (1153–1165)
William I (1165–1214)
Alexander II (1214–1249)
Alexander III (1249–1286)

The Sverres
Margaret (1286–1290)

The First Interregnum 1290–1292
Guardians of Scotland

William Fraser, Bishop of St Andrews
Duncan Macduff, 8th Earl of Fife
Alexander Comyn, 2nd Earl of Buchan
Robert Wishart, Bishop of Glasgow
James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland
John Comyn

The Balliols (Bailiol)
John (1292–1296)

The Second Interregnum 1296–1306
Guardians of Scotland

Andrew de Moray (1297)
William Wallace (1297–1298)
Robert the Bruce, Earl of Carrick (1298–1300)
John Comyn (1298–1301)
William Lamberton, Bishop of St Andrews (1299–1301)
Sir Ingram de Umfraville (1300–1301)
John de Soules (1301–1304)
John Comyn (1302–1304)

The House of Bruce
Robert I the Bruce (1306–1329)
David II (1329–1371)

The Balliols
Edward Balliol (Antiking 1329 – 1363)

House of Stewart (French ~ Stuart)
Robert II (1371–1390)
Robert III (1390–1406)
James I (1406–1437)
James II (1437–1460)
James III (1460–1488)
James IV (1488–1513)
James V (1513–1542)
Mary I (1542–1567)
James VI (1567–1625)

Union of the Crowns with
Kingdom of England from 1603

Charles I (1625–1649)
Charles II (1649–1685) English Interregnum
James VII (1685–1689)
Mary II (1689–1694), co-monarch
William II (1689–1702), co-monarch until 1694
Anne (1702–1714)
Anne is listed as reigning until 1714 even
though the Scottish throne was replaced with
that of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.

From 1707, the titles King of Scots and Queen of Scots are incorrect. After 1707 the royal houses and monarchs are British. The Act of Union merged the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland into the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The House of Stuart
Anne (1707–1714), daughter of James II

The Hanovers
Under the Act of Settlement 1701, the English
throne could only be held by a Protestant. Sophia
of Hanover, the nearest such relative, became
the next heir. She died shortly before Anne,
and her son founded the House of Hanover.

George I (1714–1727), great-grandson of James I
George II (1727–1760), son of George I
George III (1760–1801), grandson of George II

In 1801, the Act of Union combined the Kingdom
of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland
into the United Kingdom.

George III (1801–1820), randson of George II
George IV (1820–1830), son of George III
William IV (1830–1837), son of George III
Victoria (1837–1901), granddaughter of George III

The Saxe-Coburg-Gothas
The Royal House name was changed to reflect
Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert of
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but she herself remained a
member of the House of Hanover.

Edward VII (1901–1910), son of Victoria
George V (1910–1917), son of Edward VII

The Windsors
The name of the Royal House changed from
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917 due to
anti-German sentiments during World War I.

George V (1917–1927), son of Edward VII

In 1922, the Irish Free State left the United
Kingdom. The name of the Kingdom was
amended in 1927 to reflect the change.

George V (1927–1936), son of Edward VII
Edward VIII (1936), son of George V son ~ abdicated
George VI (1936–1952), son of George V
Elizabeth II (1952-present), daughter of George VI

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