Royal Gowns

Royal gowns have often influenced what others are wearing. With their wedding gowns, the influence is even more pronounced.

Summary of Royal Gowns

  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • Queen Victoria
  • Empress Eugenie
  • Elisabeth, Princess of Bavaria
  • Princess Leonilla of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Princess DianaThe Princesses of Monaco
  • Jacqueline Kennedy, First Lady
For more information about these ladies and their gowns ~

Mary Queen of Scots

We don't have a portrait of her wedding gown, but there are others!

Queen Victoria

Victoria Regina's coronation and wedding gowns, plus a family portrait.

Princess Leonilla

Though an obscure county, her gown is worth a peek.

Empress Eugenie

Renowned for her Charles Worth Gowns, together they established a formal dress fashion still followed today.

Princess Elisabeth of Austria

A Princess with class and an appreciation for the Charles Worth Gowns.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Princess put Norman Hartnell on the map!.

Jacqueline Kennedy Scots

An icon who many think of as royalty ~ her Camelot wedding to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Princess Diana

From obscurity in the nursery school to fashion icon, Diana's fairy tale wedding. When Princess Diana married Prince Charles, her gown set the fashion of wedding dress design for a decade. Everyone saw her dress as a Cinderella gown for a Fairy Tale Princess ~ puffed sleeves with a full skirt and a long, long train.

Princess Sarah

Fergie, the second fiddle princess who arose from the ashes like a Phoenix.

The Royal Women of Monaco

Though not as well known, nor ever so prominent in the press, the royal family of Monaco and their weddings.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Her marriage in Camelot to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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