Rainbow setts that can be grouped for a wedding color theme. Ideal for the bride who wants a lively, fun, colorful wedding…without the usual reds and greens commonly seen in tartans.

This grouping has a lot more yellow, which was a rare color in older tartans. The setts are almost carnival in their colors and gaiety, yet they blend so well.

The combinations possible are so varied and almost limitless.

Waggrell #WR169

  • #2786 would be the more subtle of this grouping.
  • Adding a trim, or a padded trim, at the waist, neckline, cuffs, or train would add a little pazzazz.
  • A dress combining #2675 and #WR2647 would be a fun dress to wear.
  • Waggrell #169 is the brightest and most colorful of this set, but there’s enough white in it to tone it down some.

Roses and tulip images
courtesy clipart.com

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