Psychedelic Tartans

Buchanan, MacBeth, and Alba Dark Tartan
Together for Psychedelic Tartans Wedding Themes

Orange and pink will vibrate like a 60’s scene ~ unless it’s gorgeous, spirited Scottish tartans. This is definitely not your green and red or Stewart tartan theme. Though in this combination, the brown in the Alba Dark tartan helps tone these vibrant colors down a bit.

The shades of pink and orange could be picked up in the ribbons and the flowers.

Many pink and orange flowers are available spring through autumn, but in winter your choices will be limited ~ perhaps pink and white poinsettias. Pastels in peaches and pinks would also go well with these tartans.

Medium shades of orange and pink would also blend with the tartan colors, as shown in these roses, tulips, heather, and primulas. Darker shades of pink and orange add a different flavor, particularly with the Alba Dark Tartan.

Bright shades of pink and orange would be good for an August, September, or October wedding. For a spring wedding, peonies are good, showy choice, but limit their use as their fragrance is strong and sweet.

For the reception favors with these colors, as well as confetti, flower petals, stenciling on paper table cloths, tulle, and bows would complete the psychedelic wedding color theme based on the Heirloom Buchanan, MacBeth, and Alba Dark Tartans.

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