Prenuptial Ceremonies & Traditions

There are many, varied prenuptial ceremonies that have been practiced over hundreds of years as Scottish wedding traditions. Included are the Proclamation, the Biddin’, Carrot Sunday, Fairings, Attendant Responsibilities, and Couple’s Responsibilities.

Scottish music was very much a part of all aspects of the wedding traditions and preparations. At all prenuptial events there was singing with musical accompaniment.

The Proclamation

When the lass accepted a proposal of marriage, the Proclamation was made from the pulpit ~ a very serious wedding tradition.

The Biddin’

The best man or maid of honor gave a spoken invitation to the whole community.

Carrot Sunday

The wild carrot, Queen Anne’s Lace, was a symbol of

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fruitfulness. St. Michael’s Day falls on September 29th. As a wedding tradition, the betrothed would give her intended a small bunch of carrots, tied with a red ribbon.


Love tokens were small gifts given by the groom to the bride. In this wedding tradition, to show his affection, he gave her tokens ~ sweets, hair ribbons, jewelry trinkets.

Attendant Responsibilities

The Best Man had to organize the cleaning and whitewashing of the groom’s house, called Sgeadasachadh.
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This wedding tradition was a serious responsibility for the Best Man, quite forgotten today.

The Maid of Honor organized and oversaw the sewing of pillows and bolsters, and the making of household items for the bridal couple’s home. As a wedding tradition, she often gave a china tea set as her gift to the bride.

Couple’s Responsibilities

Both had certain wedding traditions to fulfill. The Groom was expected to furnish the tables and chairs for their home. The Bride was responsible for providing the bed and bedding.

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