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Lovers, Traditions,
and The Ponte Milvio Bridge

Image courtesy Wikipedia

The Ponte Milvio Bridge spans the Tiber River as it flows through Rome.

The legend of John Nepomuk, the patron saints of bridges, led to more interesting information. On the bridge there’s heraldic symbols that also symbolize love and faithfulness.

First built in 206 BC, then rebuilt of stone in 115 BC. It has been renovated and repaired at various times. In 2006, couples began to hang padlocks from a lamppost on the bridge. After locking the padlock to the lamppost to ‘seal’ their love, they would toss the key over their heads into the Tiber River. Both the padlock and the key are heraldic symbols and symbols of love and marriage.

On April 13, 2007, the lamppost partially collapsed from the weight of all the padlocks. A website was created where couples could use ‘virtual’ padlocks. See a photo of the padlocks at Lucchetti Ponte Milvio. Although the site is in Italian, look around and see how far and famous the bridge has become.

Though not as good as the video clip above, here’s a close-up photo of the lamppost.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

In July, 2007, the mayor of Rome had steel columns installed to secure the lamppost and couples in love can once again follow the tradition and padlock their love!

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