Organization Setts

Organization setts, or tartans, have been created for the use of members and affiliates. The numbers are growing as more people and organizations seek to celebrate their Scottish roots with their own group tartans. If you are a member or somehow affiliated with an organization listed below, their tartan may be a choice for your wedding.

  • American Society of Travel Agents

    American Society of Travel Agents 2316

  • Ancient Order of Hiberians in America

    Ancient Order of Hiberians in America 3010

  • Atlanta Metropolitan Police Emerald Society

    Atlanta Police Emerald Society WR2491

  • Border Patrol, US

    U.S. Border Patrol 2882

  • Bowling

    Bowling WR1796

  • Equorian Olympic Commemorative ~ ***Restricted*** Edinburgh Woollen Mills design to commemorate Britains participation in the 1988 Olympic Games in Korea and to raise money for the British Equestrian Olympic Appeal Fund.

    Equorian Olympic Commemorative WR1996

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    FBI Pipe Band WR83

  • The Federation of Circles and Solitaries ~ a non- profit organization in South East Michigan USA, for those who practice earth-based faiths.

    Federation of Circles and Solitaires 3011

  • Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

    Grandfather Mountain Highland Games WR2198

  • The Gouranga ~ created by "The International Society of Kishna Consciousness" (ISKCON) at Lesmahagow Lanarkshire Scotland.

    The Gouranga 3000

  • Heather ~ the design 'Heather Tartan' is the corporate tartan for the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children. The colours of the design are taken from the Society's badge and letterhead ~ dark pink, light pink, kingfisher and emerald.

    Heather WR2108

  • International Police Association ~ an association for general networking and liaison between Policemen internationally

    International Police Association 3991

  • Junior Chamber International

    Junior Chamber of Commerce WR2331

  • Katsushika Scottish Country Dancers, Japan

    Katsushika Country Dancers of Japan WR2343

  • Marie Curie Fields of Hope

    Marie Curie Field of Hope WR2463

  • MX-5 Owners Club ~ Mazda MX-5 automobile

    Mazda Owners 2950

  • New York Firemen’s Pipe Band ~ The Emerald Society Bagpipe Band, Fire Department, City of New York.

    New York Firemens Pipe Band WR60

  • Olympic ~ this is a corporate tartan celebrating the Olympic Games. The date and designer are unknown, although it is thought to have been commissioned for the Los Angeles Games in 1984. Over the years commemorative tartans have been produced for individual Games, but this is the only one relating to the movement as a whole. It normally bears the Olympic emblem on each red block. As with the American with Eagle, however, the addition of the Olympic symbol has proved controversial.

    The modern Olympics date from 1896, when Baron Pierre de Coubertin decided to revive the games of ancient Greece. The famous emblem, with its interlocking circles, is said to represent the world’s five continents.

    Olympic WR1923

  • Order of the Holy Sepulchres, Jerusalem ~ the Order of the Holy Sepulchres is one of a number of knightly orders that were founded at the time of the crusades and are now linked with charitable causes. The order began during the First Crusade, whose leader was Godfrey de Bouillon (c.1061-1100). After helping to capture Jerusalem (1099), he assumed the title of Defender of the Holy Sepulchre.

    The tartan was designed in 1990 by Ronald Kinsey. It is based on the Clergy sect, but with symbolic colors. Yellow and white are the colors of Jerusalem; red was the color of the crosses worn by Crusaders; and black refers to the Canons Regular at the Holy Sepulchre.

    The Order of the Holy Sepulchres of Jerusalem WR2161

  • Rotary International

    Rotary International WR2334

  • Royal and Ancient ~ originally The Golfer’s Tartan, for anyone involved in the sport of golf.

    Royal and Ancient WR2193

  • Salvation Army

    Salvation Army Dress WR546

    Salvation Army Hunting WR150

  • Scottish Knights Templar

    Scottish Knights Templar International 560

    Scottish Knights Templar St. Andrews 559

  • The Ship Hector ~ created by Picton County, Quebec for the Ship Hector Foundation. The Hector brought immigrants to Boston, Massachusetts in 1770. Her most famous voyage was to Pictou Harbour, Nova Scotia, in 1773. She left Scotland with 23 families and 25 single men, of which 18 children died of smallpox and dysentery.

    After several years of financing and building, the foundation built and floated a replica in 2000.

    The Ship Hector WR2597

  • Tartan Army ~ Scottish sports supporters

    Tartan Army WR2389

  • Washington Stockman Corporate Tartan

    Washington Stockmen WR1995

Again, if you are affiliated with any of the above, you may use their organization setts, or tartans.

This completes our current list of organization setts. As more are developed or found, they will be added.

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