Orange Wedding Themes

Summary of Orange Wedding Themes
  • Orange in Medieval Heraldry
  • Carrot Sunday
  • Orange Attributes
  • Orange Flowers
  • Color Survey
  • Orange Word Associations
  • Orange Sherbet Tartans ~ Drummond of Strathallan and Chattan Tartan
  • Drumlanrig Tartan
  • Holyrood Tartan
  • Buchanan, MacBeth, and Alba Dark Tartans
  • Color Symbolism of Orange
  • Color Psychology of Orange
  • A Few More Tartans for Orange Wedding Themes
Whether you find orange tasteless and tacky or trendy and creative, everyone will at least agree that the color orange evokes memories of sunshine and joy ~ two things everyone wants at their wedding.

This wedding dress displays both characteristics for Orange wedding themes.

Orange in Medieval Heraldry

In the Middle Ages, when symbolic heraldry flourished, orange symbolized strength, endurance, and a worthwhile ambition, perhaps harkening back to the successful harvest.

Taken from Scottish Wedding Dreams Medieval Gowns, this example of heraldry in wedding gowns displays a peach color in the bodice, and a red/orange in the skirt as part of an orange wedding theme.

14th century Heraldric costumes
Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes
Albert Racinet, 1825-1893

Carrot Sunday

With Scottish Wedding Traditions, carrots have taken on a special significance. Read more about Carrot Sunday ~ you just might add some to your Scottish wedding theme.

Orange Attributes

Orange is seen as a sociable color, useful for stimulating thinking and talking. For sure, if you develop an orange wedding theme, it will provoke the conversations of people who find it inappropriate…that is the Rachel Lyndes of the earth, as seen in Anne of Green Gables. Those who are of the Tribe of Joseph will regale in and enjoy the sunshine and joy you offer them on your wedding day.

Whatever shade of orange you consider, orange demands attention without screaming at you. Softer oranges, like peach can be friendly and soothing, while still being energetic. Brighter oranges are considered summer colors. Red-orange can arouse desire, sexual passion, and pleasure. Dark orange is associated with distrust and deceit.

Orange Flowers

Many summer and autumn flowers for wedding bouquets and arrangements are available in varied shades of orange ~ pumpkin, flame, copper, brass, apricot, peach, citrus, tangerine, to name a few. Tango Mango is the name of a new Crayola color.

Orange flowers that are ready available or easily grown are Bird of Paradise, Gerbera daisies, hibiscus, lilies, mums, nasturtiums, pansies, roses, trumpet vine, and tulips.

Color Survey

In an survey, 7% of 180209 people voted orange as their favorite color. Here’s the whole break down ~
Blue 16%
Red 14%
Green 14%
Purple (or Lavender) 13%
Pink 9%
Black 7%
Orange 7%
Turquoise (Blue-Green) 6%
Yellow 5%
Gold 4%

Orange Word Associations

Other words associated with the color orange are
  • aggression, arrogance, and attraction
  • danger and warning
  • determination and success
  • encouragement and enthusiasm
  • fickle and fascinating
  • flamboyance and attraction
  • fun-loving and playful
  • gaudy and over-emotional
  • happiness and stimulation

Orange Sherbet
Tartans Wedding Themes

These two tartans can be combined with oranges and blues for a striking effect. With a medium blue, the orange really pops out ~

For a more thorough development of this orange tartan wedding themes, go to Orange Sherbet Tartans for flowers, ribbons, and other bridal wear.
Red, yellow, and orange kindle a hot, fiery combination. (The tartan’s there, I just haven’t located it yet.)

Drumlanrig Tartan Wedding Theme

Drumlanrig tones down the red, orange, yellow combination to become a fresh and fruity orange wedding theme. From the Lochcarron Heirloom Collection, it combines bright orange, palest of yellows, and a hint of pastel pistachio yellow-green

The Drumlanrig Tartan Wedding Theme offers another orange theme with flowers, ribbons, and other bridal wear.

Holyrood Tartan Wedding Theme

Named after a royal castle in Edinburgh, Holyrood calls forth the colors of royalty ~ gold, red, yellow, orange, and a purple-blue, with narrow stripes of white and black.

A dash of orange with purple, or a dash of purple with orange plus a mellowed yellow or white can be eye-catching without being overpowering.

Add some of Lochcarron's emblem tartans to heighten the drama of Holyrood Heirloom Tartan, as can be seen at Holyrood Heirloom Tartan.

Psychedelic Tartan Wedding Themes

Authorities say orange and pink evoke memories of the psychedelic 60’s. I say they’ve never seen the Lochcarron Heirloom Buchanan, MacBeth, and Alba Dark tartans.

Green turns the red,orange, yellow combination into a more tropical theme ~ again the tartan is out there, I just have to find it.

Color Symbolism of Orange

When you discuss religious history within the U.K., green was symbolic of Catholicism, while orange was the chosen color of the Protestants. William of Orange, a staunch Dutch Protestant, ruled with his wife ~ their reign as William and Mary began in 1689. Growing up, on St. Patrick’s Day, if you wore anything orange, you were asking for a troubled day.

Color Psychology of Orange

In color psychology, orange is regarded as a color on the edge, representing the change between the heat of summer and the cool of winter ~ once again the autumn harvest.

Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect ~ exciting emotions, mental activity, and appetite. The human eye interprets orange as a sensation of heat.

A Few More Tartans for Orange Wedding Themes

  • Wild Geese ~ a universal tartan to commemorate the Irishmen who lived in France as mercenary soldiers in the eighteen and nineteenth centuries due to religious intolerance.

    The design merges the Green, White and Gold of the Irish Tricolor with the Red, White and Blue of the French flag. The Black running through is to remember those who lost their lives.

  • The Rainbow tartans collection

  • Several of the Irish County tartans

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