Orange Sherbet Tartans

Create a wedding theme with orange sherbet tartans ~ Drummond of Strathallan tartan and Chattan tartan.

Not your typical green, red, and blue tartan colors, but beautiful and vibrant anyway. These tartans shimmer with sunshine and joy with their predominance of orange. With just enough blue and lavender added for snap, and a touch of white and black to tie all the colors together.

With orange being thought of as a bright, cheery, sometimes garish color, these two tartans defy the stereotype. Evocative of sherbets ~ orange, grape, lemon, and pineapple white ~ these pastels bring a new dimension to orange.

Be sure to add lots of small white touches. Pearls have been the gem of choice for weddings for centuries and they would work here as well. There are also many hues in the Swarovski line of crystal beads.

To tone things down a bit for the groom and groomsmen and keep the men feeling like they’re also dressed formally ~ choose between the Harley Davidson tartan and Highland Granite. Highland Granite tartan is quickly becoming the standard, formal groom wedding tartan.

As an orange wedding theme the ideas seem almost endless, especially when you look at the flowers that could be used ~ orange, yellow, blue, and lavender ~ ranging from delicate and dainty of lilacs to bold and dramatic bird of paradise.

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