Military Heraldry

Military heraldry proudly displays heraldic symbols. The various branches of the military have their own coat of arms, badges, and crests to declare their names, their duties, and their heritage.

All five branches of the military ~ Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard ~ have insignia designed just for them.

The United Sates Army Institute of Heraldry designs and categorizes these symbols for all 5 branches, other federal government organizations, and the Executive Office of the President.

Located in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, they also determine heraldic law and use for the military and government.

The Coat of Arms for the Institute of Heraldry shows a fine example of their work

Image courtesy Institute of Heraldry

The Seal of the President of the United States is another example

Image courtesy Institute of Heraldry

This coat of arms for the 6th Infantry Regiment was found while looking for alligator charges. A neon green alligator catches the eye, doesn’t it?

Image courtesy Institute of Heraldry

I can’t speak for others, but whenever I see these signal flags flying from ships, I always get a little excited…where have they been, what have they done, who have they seen?

Image 904044 courtesy Stock Exchange, Thadz

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