Machine Embroidery Motif Sources

Machine embroidery motif sources are plentiful online for buying embroidery motif downloads. Some also sell special machine embroidery thread.

When I've been unable to match the thread colors, I've also used Guterman sewing thread. Sulky makes a nice, shiny thread which helps the motifs to visually sparkle and pop-out. Both Guterman and Sulky are sold at most Hancock and JoAnn fabric stores, plus many others.

At each source, search for Celtic, Scottish, Irish, and thistle motifs.

  • ABC Embroidery Designs ~ lots of Celtic knotwork designs.

    Look at their Shamrock Lace ~ shamrocks aren't only an Irish motif. In Scotland, it is a wedding tradition to give the bride a potted shamrock, which she kept in the kitchen for good luck.

  • Advanced Embroidery ~ nice Celtic knots and thistles.

  • Ann the Gran ~ nice Celtic knots and thistles.

  • Embroidery ~ there are 23 pages of Celtic Knotwork designs, including 5 alphabets, 11 thistles, and a simplified tartan plaid.

  • Embroidery Online ~ among their choices are a Clan Badge motif, named Belt Crest #FA938, a Thistle Knot #NV947, and a really nice Lace Knot Claddagh #NV938.

  • S-Embroidery ~ no Celtic designs, but look at their selection of flower girl baskets and they have 21 pages of lace designs.

  • The Internet Site ~ includes a selection of squares and corners.

For machine embroidery work, a custom design can be purchased for $100 to $150, depending on the manufacturer. The design can then be enlarged or reduced by the seamstress doing the embroidery work for you.

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