Lochcarron Heirloom Collection Tartans
For a Scottish Theme Wedding

This Lochcarron Heirloom Collection is based on 19th century silk tartans, now reproduced in woolen. They don’t appear to be widely carried, so check availability before building a wedding theme around one of these.

Alba Blue from the Heirloom Collection

Consider this tartan with the lighter blue and the navy blue for the bridesmaid dress, with the color of the pink or yellow stripe picked up for the flower girl dress. The Indian FEMA rose, or the pink and yellow, could really accent the blue tartan.

Alba Dark from the Heirloom Collection

The Alba Dark would be a good autumn or winter wedding color theme with brown, pink, or dark orange accents. Indian Fema roses would also go well with the tartan, as would mums and other autumn flowers.

Alba Red from the Heirloom Collection

Alba red could probably carry other red tartans coordinated with it, with white and red roses.

Anderson from the Heirloom Collection

Isn’t this subtle, yet nicely blended? Greys, yellows, and mauves could be picked up to build your Scottish wedding color theme.

Buchanan from the Heirloom Collection

I call this one, Barbie II. No slur intended, but along with Barbies Plaid #2695 , found under Dyes & Patterns in Tartan History, they’re so perfect for a Malibu Barbie wedding color theme. As a spring wedding color theme, the pinks, yellows, and oranges cry out for daffodils. For a summer wedding, zinnias can be found in the same colors.

Drumlanrig from the Heirloom Collection

For the heat of a bright summer day, Drumlanrig could be accented with the palest of yellows in wedding gowns that are embellished with grey Celtic embroidery motifs.

Holyrood Gold from the Lochcarron Heirloom Collection

Holyrood, which is also an ancient castle in Edinburgh, speaks of regal reds, purples, blues, and golds. Chosen carefully, this tartan could work for any season. Just picture this tartan with asters, or iris, or for a dainty surprise ~ violets!

MacBeth from the Heirloom Collection

MacBeth could be toned and subdued with lots of grey and light touches of bright pink.

Stewart Blue from the Lochcarron Heirloom Collection

Have some massive jewelry created in Amethyst and Amazonite, or Tanzanite and Blue Topaz, dress your bridesmaids and flower girl in an aqua and lavender wedding color theme, and Viola!…superb!

Stewart Purple from the Heirloom Collection

Sage greens, lavenders, and a pale butterscotch would really set this tartan’s colors off to a nice advantage.

Oh, the uses for these tartans! They run the gamut from striking to subtle and bright to subdued. You might find other tartans to mix with these, but I suspect they will work best with solid colors taken from the tartan pattern.

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