Last Minute Wedding Customs

Last Minute Wedding Customs, even the fortnight before the wedding, hold lots of traditions, creating a whirlwind of activity similar to today. These wedding customs include a Show of Gifts, Receiving of Crockery, and the Make Up Bell.

Show of Gifts

As a wedding tradition, good friends and family expected to be invited in for a showing. Any gifts received by the bride were laid out on her bed. Money gifts were not displayed, just an envelope with the givers name on it.

Receiving of Crockery

An older wedding tradition was for the neighbors to give gifts of crockery to the bride. The number of jugs she received determined her status. So they were put on display before the wedding, for all to see and count.

The Make Up Bell

A wedding tradition gift was a decorative bell. The bell was placed in a convenient spot in the home. Whenever an argie-bargie was unresolved, if either the hain or wifie, this is husband or wife, rang the bell, it signaled an end to the quarrel, with neither party being held responsible.

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