Kilt Carriers

Kilt Carriers and caddies ~ to protect your kilt and accessories, while keeping the pleats neat and in place. Arrive at your destination with a crisp, fresh-looking kilt. Look smart and proudly display your Scottish roots!

A recent innovation, but one long needed...some are roll-ups, designed to keep each pleat sharp and in it’s place. Others are modified garment bags. Either way, they’re great, especially for a wedding party that’s travelling any distance to the grand occasion.

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Scot Webstore ~ enter Kilt Roll in the search window and you'll, bring up three carriers from $33 up to $83.

The Scottish Tartans Museum has a kilt roller for $70 and a carrier for $50.

House of Scotland has a carrier for $60.

The House of Tartan has a kilt roller for $33.22.

The Tartan Thistle has carriers from $60 to $165.

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