Houston Tartans

A selection that can be grouped for a wedding color theme. It’s built around 'Houston'~ which I just plain like. The four setts could be grouped for a wedding color theme.

The background is an old gold color, but viewed as a whole pattern, the color looks like a shade of kiwi. And from a distance, the eye sees the green stripe as teal.

This combination of sett patterns would be a bold and unusual color-way.

Houston Tartan #WR2290
Australian Tartan #WR611
Austrailian Tartan #WR612
Ottawa Tartan #WR2421

  • WR#2290 would be good for the bride’s attire ~ as a dress or just the skirt or bodice.
  • Australian WR612 or Ottawa WR2021 would make a smart underskirt, if the overskirt were to be a la Polonaise of the main tartan.

  • Ottowa would make a nice sash, rosette trim, a butterfly train, an overskirt on the bride’s attire, or ribbons in flower streamers.

  • The bridesmaids could wear any of the complimentary tartans, with an underskirt or overskirt of the main tartan.

  • The mothers could wear white or colored lace bodices with skirts and overskirts in any of the complimentary tartans.
The Bridal Gown pages will go into more detail about tartan possibilities and styles.

Images are patterns from Long Ago and Patterns of Time.
These and other patterns will be found on the Bridal Gown pages.

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