Hair Taping

Summary of Hair Taping
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  • Fabrics, Beads, Embellishments
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The taping of hair is a fashion statement going back into Medieval times when women had waist length hair and needed to contain it on a daily basis, whether they were just sitting around or active and busy. Today enveloping the hair in a tape is mostly seen on ladies that are re-inactors at historic events.

With your interest in a Scottish theme wedding, this style is another possibility for your bridal hair adornment.

Fabrics, Beads, Embellishments

The taping that’s added can be ribbon made of silk, satin, velvet, even tartan. It can be a long strand of pearls, crystals, or other beads that highlight your bridal gown or hair color.

The decorative fabric or beads can be added galonne, that is using two sections of hair and one section of ribbon, fabric, or beads for a three strand braid.

Hair Tape Illustrations

Image courtesy Albert Racinet-2

This 1560 illustration combines taping with padded hair, commonly called "in rats", with a strand of pearls taping the padded hair, then a caplet added overall.

Image courtesy R. Turner Wilcox
The Mode in Hats and Headdress

Another 1560's style, with the hair rolled after adding a center part, then wrapping a chignon with pearls.

Image courtesy R. Turner Wilcox
The Mode in Hats and Headdress

This German illustration shows a central part, sections "in rats", and pearls wrapped across the crown of the head.

Image courtesy Jahrhunderts

This portrait is of Victoria, Crown Princess of Prussia, daughter of Queen Victoria of England. It was painted in 1888. The wraps in this style are larger and bolder.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

A portrait of Ginevra d'Este, painted in the 1400's, illustrates a flat wrapping. Compared to the others it seems rather dull, but with a little thought and imagination, this could be adapted into another lovely taping idea.

Image courtesy Book of Costume

You can see some fine examples and instructions about taping at Faoiltighearna’s Page about Italian Renaissance styles.

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