Hair Casing

Summary of Hair Casing
  • Introduction
  • Extending Shorter Hair
  • Adding Weights
  • Third Strand for Braiding
  • How To Don a Casing

Casings over the hair add another dimension. This, simply put, is a case that is slipped over a braid then attached to the crown of your head. There can be just one braid and one case, or multiple braids with each in it’s own case. These multiple cased braids can be bundled together, then wrapped and entwined with ribbon or beads.

Image courtesy Milesent’s Persian Research

Casings can be made of any fabric – silk, satin, cotton sateen, or tartan. They can be enhanced with a scattering of pearls or beads sewn helter-skelter along their length. This will add sparkle and dimension to your hair.

Extending Shorter Hair

Casings can also be used to add extensions or false braids, to your own hair. Then entwine them together with ribbons to hide the juncture of the extension and your real hair.

A Medieval Scottish reenactor’s site, has information about wearing casings. It’s about halfway down the page. [this site’s link has broken, check back later]

Adding Weights

Another good idea I found on their page was to add weights at the ends. This helps hold the braid, case, wrap, whatever, handing down. I know my braids sometime creep up my clothes and crawl around on the tops of my shoulders. Now I know a way to make them hang and stay down.

Third Strand For Braiding

You can also stuff a case with fiberfill to use as a strand in hair braiding. It can left plain or embellished before adding it to the braid. You could even spiral a strand of pearls around the casing before beginning the braid.

How To Don a Casing

Milesent’s Persian Research is a Persian re-enactor who wears braid cases and demonstrates how to put one on.

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