Floral Wreaths

Floral Wreaths Summary

  • Kate Greenaway May Day wreaths
  • Flowers and Silk Ribbons
  • Clan Plants and Feathers
  • Queen Victoria’s Satin Flowers
  • Godey’s Silk Floral Wreath
  • Fresh Flower Wreath
  • Lilly Dache Floral Snood
  • Evening Roses and Braids
  • Wreath Patterns ~ including Orles
  • Fabric Rose Patterns
  • Fabric Rose Kits
  • Corded Rose Patterns
  • Silk Ribbon and Cording Sources
  • Flower Sources

Big and bold, frail and delicate. Fresh, silk, satin. Adorning braids, a crowning tiara. Tucked into a fancy braid, attached to a broad velvet ribbon.

Each floral wreath is unique and special. And there’s a style just right for you and your Scottish theme wedding.

However they’re used, each wreath is a celebration of a very, very special day, as this Kate Greenaway illustration shows ~

Image courtesy Wikipedia

Floral hair adornments can be dainty, with unopened rose buds and streamers of light, narrow organza streamers or tartan silk like this Isabella from Tall Toad

Image courtesy Tall Toad

Clan plants with one or several feathers can be added ~

Image courtesy R. Turner Wilcox
The Mode in Hats and Headdress

Queen Victoria displays a wonderful wreath of satin roses in this portrait. A source for large artificial thistles to be used in this wreath are found in the Flower Sources section.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

Godey’s did a roses extravaganza wedding outfit, including a bridal wreath tied with streamers

Image courtesy Godey’s Ladys Book and Magazine

A live floral wreath, especially for a beach or outdoor wedding, is alluring

Image source unknown
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Lilly Dache created this floral snood in 1940

Image courtesy R. Turner Wilcox
The Mode in Hats and Headdress

A few fabric roses, large braids, and a short lace veil complete this 1869 look

Image courtesy R. Turner Wilcox
The Mode in Hats and Headdress

Wreath Patterns

Using this 1385 orle illustration ~

Image courtesy R. Turner Wilcox
The Mode in Hats and Headdress

then applying the design to McCalls pattern #2057, view B, you get the same fashion idea. Though the pattern is discontinued, it can be found through an online search. The pattern is also listed regularly on eBay.

Image courtesy McCalls Patterns

For View B the braids could be of one tartan, mixed tartans, or tartan and solid. The flowers could be of tartan or a solid color. The fabric could be silk, satin, cotton sateen, or damask. Some crystal beads and pearls interspersed along the braids would add a finishing touch.

Another idea for the orle is using crushed velvet pin-weaving as seen in this pillow at Artemis Inc.

Image courtesy Artemis Inc

Fabric Rose Patterns

As well as floral wreaths, individual flowers can be used on bobby pins or barrettes, grouped in clusters, or attached to combs, then used in your bridal hairdo.

Foxglove is a source for custom bridal gowns that are scrumptious.

Image courtesy Foxglove

These roses are from one of their wedding dresses, but just think of them decorating your hair. Be sure to also look at their bridal gown samples.

Vogue Pattern #7009 shows several ways to use fabric roses

Image courtesy Vogue Patterns

Instructions for this summer rose are available at Artemis Inc

Image courtesy Artemis Inc

Prudence Millinery in England has a preview on a PDF document, partially showing how to construct their roses.

Image courtesy Prudence Millinery

The actual booklet for this beautiful organza rose can be purchased online and is well worth the price at less than $12.

Fabric Rose Kits

Artemis Inc offers two rose kits ~

Corded Roses

These crocheted rose jewelery pieces from Annalais could be crocheted with a silk crochet thread or cording for a smoother, more silky texture. Then the individual roses could be used as a floral headpiece, on individual bobby pines to be interspersed throughout your hairdo, or on a comb to tuck in beside a French twist.

Image courtesy Annalais

Ribbon and Cording Sources

Artemis Inc also sells hand-dyed silk ribbons and cordings . The cording could be used for the crochet roses pattern.

Flower Sources

  • Scottish White Heather Company

  • Remember the rose wreath Queen Victoria is wearing, up in the historical illustrations? Scotland Gifts sells large silk thistles which could be fashioned into a similar headpiece. They are in the process of setting up a distributorship in the U.S., which will open sometime in February. Until then, the thistles are not available.

    With her love of things Scottish, I think she’d really like it. Her headdress in this portrait also shows she chose to wear satin roses when she could have had a wreath of real roses.

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