Flat Caps

Some call them Medieval Flat Caps, others call them Renaissance caps. Whichever name you choose, they're a fun, perky, saucy type of headgear that can go quite well with a Scottish theme wedding.

This bookplate, c. 1342, shows Mary, Queen of Scots, in a royal blue cap which flourishes a white feather. The band might even be jewel encrusted. The whole outfit could be adapted to tartan and silk with a velvet cap for the bridal headgear.

Image courtesy Wikipedia


There are several patterns available for making your own cap. One is from a free online source, the others are from major pattern companies. These can be ordered online or from most fabric shops.

  • McCalls 4805

    Image courtesy McCalls

    Here's a closeup view of the cap.

    Image courtesy McCalls

  • McCalls 4806
    A ladies version of a Medieval cap ~

    Image courtesy McCalls

  • Simplicity 4059
    A larger, floppier version ~

    Image courtesy Simplicity

  • Butterick B5116

    Image courtesy Butterick

  • Butterick 3805
    With the big feather this looks more Edwardian or Roaring 20's, but it's still a basic Medieval cap ~

    Image courtesy Butterick

  • Sewing Central has a wide selection of hat patterns from the Medieval and Renaissance Eras, plus others.

  • Costumers Manifesto has directions to sew this free pattern

    Image courtesy Costumers Manifesto

Ready Made Sources

  • Rameset
    A wide selection of hat styles

  • Tall Toad
    Flat Caps
    A feathered version ~

    Image courtesy Tall Toad

    A pleated version ~

    Image courtesy Tall Toad

    A tasseled beret ~

    Image courtesy Tall Toad

    Willoughbys ~

    Image courtesy Tall Toad

Folkwear Patterns also offers Knot Templates for adorning hats and gowns.

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