Attire Embellishments for Scottish Theme Weddings

Summary of Attire Embellishments

  • Introduction
  • Bindings
  • Rhinestones
  • Shoes

Any dress can be made into an individual, personalized wedding dress. It may machine embroidery motifs, block printing, hand embroidery, decorative trim, beading sewn on randomly or in patterns, custom bindings sewn on with decorative stitches, serging, or heirloom sewing, just to name some techniques.

Bindings With Decorative Stitches

Sounds complicated, but it’s not. Any medium to light-weight fabric can be converted into a decorative binding. Then attaching the binding with a decorative stitch, either subtle or contrasting in color, can add a touch of haute couture to your Scottish wedding gown. Serged Bias Binding ~ how to cut, fit, and sew.

Iron-On Rhinestone Motifs

The Stony Korea company, out of Guangzhou, China, offers a wide selection of rhinestone iron-on motifs. View 3 pages of ready-made iron-on rhinestone motifs, including several crosses.

They also have a custom design department where you can create and order your own design. This would be great for Celtic knots, thistles, or other designs of your choosing.

The stones they have available are all hot-fix. The choices are rhinestone, ring stone, pasco, metallic, DDR, modern cut, rhinestud, and half-rounds which they say are ideal for apparel embellishment, including wedding dresses.

Smooth finished cabochons, which are flat-backed, can also be selected in 53 colors including pearl and opalescent. A variety of sizes in square, rectangle, lozenge, teardrop, circles, leaves, and others are available.

Faceted cabochons come in 37 colors and 8 shapes. These could be used to design your own iron-on motifs for your wedding dress, the altar cloth, table runners for the main table at the reception, or incorporated into a bridal concomitant or banners to be carried to display at the ceremony and/or reception.

Learn more about Bridal Concomitants at Wedding Day Customs. There's also additional information at the newsroom blogs for June 17 to June 21, 2007.

Even T-shirts and baseball caps, which are often seen on the whole wedding party the weekend of the wedding, could carry your own wedding motif.

Or, if you're going to decorate more comfortable, casual shoes to wear to your reception, a personal motif could be designed for the bride, her attendants, mothers, or other special people who will be at the reception.

Ideas for shoe embellishment were posted to the newsroom blog August 2 to August 7, 2007.

Further ideas can be found at Embellished Shoe sources and ideas.

Back to Stony Korea, they advertise that small orders can be paid for through PayPal. Shipment is within 7 days of finalizing the order and payment requirements.

The e-mail address is on their website. English speaking representatives respond to inquiries. Catalogues and samples are available.

Since 1999, the Korean Inspection & Testing Institute has been testing their products to withstand 3 launderings.

So, if this is something that tickles your fancy for your friggle-fraggles, you can contact them for more information.

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