Embellished Shoe Ideas

Embellished shoe ideas, along with some sources, will help you decorate and personalize your wedding shoes.

Galileo Gowns Imperial Slippers

A year ago I saw a really great pair of wedding shoes at Galileo Gowns. I didn’t save an image of them and I wish I had. The company is now out-of-business, which is a great loss. They were offering sumptuous Celtic wedding gowns, with lots of embroidered Celtic knots.

One of the embellished shoe ideas was the Imperial Slippers which were displayed at balleluia.com/galileogowns/accessories.htm. Check periodically, as the site might come back up. If so, to view the slippers is worth the effort. To buy a pair for your wedding shoes would be spectacular.

They were white satin, ballerina type, slippers, decorated on the vamp with plastic jewels in colors to match the gowns. ~ red, blue, green, purple, and gold, the best I can recall.

If they don’t come back on line, you can decorate a pair of slippers with a similar idea.

Zappos Shoes

Flat and low heel white shoes that could be used as a basis for embellished shoe ideas for your Scottish wedding theme.

Lacy Sneakers

How To Information from Jan’s site has embellished shoe ideas for sneakers.

If the sole has a colored stripe around it, simply glue a narrow ribbon all the way around to conceal it, as explained in A Closet Full of Shoes.

Doodads for Crocs

You can order the doodads from Oriental Trading Company.

Oriental Trading Company had a page on ‘How To Charm A Doodad’. It’s no longer there. Here’s a photo of their decorated doodad.

You can simply decorate the outside half of the doodad, snap the doodad together, and slip the whole doodads through any hole in a Croc. This gives you a personalized embellishment, which could be tartan ribbons or bows, beads, buttons, other ribbons, lace, charms, plastic jewels, or any combination of these.

This could be a great place to display some Scottish or Celtic charms, which are available in pewter and silver.

Local sources for white and colored crocs are almost unlimited. Just walk into Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, or Payless Shoes.

One more suggestion, if you decide to go with the crocs and haven’t worn them before, buy some, get used to them, and make sure you will be comfortable dancing in them, before you start embellishing them for wedding shoes.

For inspiration and ideas to create your own Medieval slipper, Ninya Mikhaila displays some of her work. Take a look at the slippers for ideas you could adapt in either leather, plastic, or canvas, particularly the punch designs.

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