Commemorative Setts

Commemorative setts mark a special event or person. They can be worn by anyone with an interest in, or a sense of affiliation with, the person or event.

You can wear them because of your respect for who wore them and/or what they represent.

The Culture Corporate Tartan WR1534
The colors were chosen to reflect a European essence that will endure beyond the 1990 'Year of Culture'. Available only at MacDonald MacKay Ltd., Glasgow, a kiltmaking firm.

Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Commemorative Tartan WR2515
To commemorate the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. Each sale of the tartan raises money for her many charities.

Hogmany Plaid Commemorative Tartan WR2621
Created to signify the birth of 'A Brand New Year 1st January 2000'.

Queen of Scots Commemorative Tartan WR2627

Scotland 2000 Commemorative Tartan WR2514
Created to celebrate the beginning of a new millineum

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