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How a Clan Search Located My Scottish Clan
Connections by Using My Surnames

While growing up, I was always told we were from Scottish families. One of my grandmothers was a MacCallum, so that one was easy.

Two other family names were Turner and Sanders, and I simply didn’t see any affiliation, nor did I find one for years.

One day, as I was surfing the web, I did a clan search and found that Turner had affiliation with the Lamonts. The Scottish clan affiliation I found for Sanders was with the MacAlisters and the MacDonnells.

Prior to the American War of Independence, my family had traveled down through the Appalachian Mountains into North Carolina.

The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road led many Scots-Irish over this same trail. Men who followed this route, then sided with the colonists, were called Over Mountain Men. In 1780, they defeated a sizable British force, which was instrumental in the Colonial victory.

Some historians report that many of the men, who stayed with George Washington, during that bitter cold winter at Valley Forge, were Over Mountain Men.

"If all else fails, I will retreat up the valley of Virginia, plant my flag on the Blue Ridge, rally around the Scotch-Irish of that region and make my last stand for liberty amongst a people who will never submit to British tyranny whilst there is a man left to draw a trigger." George Washington at Valley Forge.

While looking through tartans one day, I found a tartan named Over Mountain. This tartan commemorates the loyalty and sacrifice of the Over Mountain Men.

So that gives me a fourth tartan I can claim ~ MacCallum, Lamont, MacDonnell or MacAllister, and Over Mountain.

Next we have my husband, whose great-grandmother was a MacAtee. We had never found anything about the MacAtee name. The other day, I did a clan search in a new book I had bought, and there they were, from the Galloway District. Going into a Clan finder, the Galloway district is affiliated with the clan MacFarlane (clan #5).

Both my husband and my son are native Texans (I’m proudly an adoptee). There is a Texas Bluebonnet tartan (#6). We now live in Tennessee, which has a state tartan (#7).

Some of the clans have more than one tartan, plus there are modern, ancient, hunting, and dress tartans for many clans. As a family, my husband and I could claim any of seven clan tartans. When you include the different styles of tartan, they add up quickly ~

MacCallum 4
MacLeod 20
MacAllister 6
MacDonnell 10
Galloway 5
MacFarlane 5
Texas 1
Tennessee 1

That’s a total of 42 tartans I could consider wearing.

My son married a MacKenzie, and when you add in all her family affiliations, there are 82 different tartans they could consider.

Next there are 4 U.S. tartans, 14 universal tartans, the Over Mountain, Meg Merriless (a general tartan), 104 unidentified, and 39 unnamed. These total up to 205 potential tartans I might wear.

Realize this is only a quick clan search. A more detailed genealogical search would be needed to firmly establish these clan affiliations.

With some likely clan affiliations found, it’s time to continue learning about your Scottish roots on the Tartan page.

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