Cake Pull Ideas

Cake pull ideas are suggestions about how to use the charms after they are received as gifts. For a few special ones they can be made into necklaces and bracelets or added to charm holders.

Being a basically selfish person ~ I’ve often bought gifts for others and kept them for myself, getting them something else ~ if I were the bride, I would like a set of charms as a memento for myself.

They can be attached to a bracelet or necklace ~ and they need not be the traditional charm bracelet links. I’ve seen a beaded necklace with five or so charms dangling on bead chains in the center front.

Chains and Charms Website has a Charm Holder that connects to a charm to display several charms as a pendant. Here’s their selection of Charm Holders

Charm Pins can be found at Jewelry Adviser.

Again a nice gift for your bridesmaids. Whatever charm they pull, plus others commemorating your wedding, could later be attached to a necklace or bracelet, even an ankle bracelet if you’re so inclined.

Another idea is for the groom to give charms to his bride as Scottish Wedding Traditions ~ Prenuptial Ceremonies ~ Fairings and Tokens.

As a final suggestion, use them for wedding favors and have each person pull their own charm as they receive their piece of wedding cake.

If you’re considering giving them to children or as wedding favors, the pewter charms would be less expensive.

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