The Boxing Kangaroo of Australia

Jack, the boxing kangaroo of Australia, has become a heraldic symbol recognized and loved worldwide. He’s fiesty, exudes self-confidence, and defends his country with valor and sportsmanship.

A cartoon in 1891, featured ‘Jack’, the boxer, and ‘Professor Lendermann’. From cartoon to national hero, he’s now featured on flags which are carried at sporting events

Image courtesy Wikipedia

One version, from 1943, sports a slouch hat, as worn by the Aussies during the war. Proudly displayed on the nose of a Royal Air Force B-24, this bomber bomber was stationed in Agra, India, and flown by an Australian crew.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

‘Jack’ is a powerful and unique symbol of Australia, appealing to both locals and tourists. For the youth ‘Down Under’ he’s a symbol of the positive values and virtues of sport ~ aspiration, attitude, pride, respect, responsibility, and sportsmanship.

As the epitome of the Australian fighting spirit, he’s assured, bold, and capable. Not to be mistaken for a ‘wuss’, nor for an arrogant aggressor, he’s simply assertive when defending his country’s glory.

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