Banners & Pennants

Banners and pennants are heraldic symbols used to announce your presence. As a colorful and exciting part of heraldry, they snap and whirl in the wind with beauty and magnificence.

In movies about Medieval times, when the day for a tournament arrived these flags flew everywhere. Their colors and shapes are bountiful and beautiful.

Every occasion called for a different one ~ they announced not just which families were present, but which members of the family.

And the shapes, colors, and symbols all had meanings.

One modern example seen below is the YMCA in Bayern, Bavaria

Image courtesy Stock Exchange, Stefan Wagner,

This example of heraldry was designed by Caberdancer Graphics

Image courtesy Caberdancer Graphics

They create designs both serious and humorous, as can be seen on their Flying Heraldry page and their Caberdancer Design page.

Caberdancer Design and their very humorous sister company, Clan MacBubba, were featured in the Newsroom blogs on June 25 & 26, 2007.

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