Bagpipes Movies

A listing of bagpipes movies can help you hear pipes playing in various situations.

In bagpipes movies you can experience the pipes indoors and outdoors, in parades, at funerals, in pubs. In these movies, you can hear pipers playing sad, sorrowful music in mourning and rousing, grand tunes of battle. You'll also hear glad, happy tunes that lilt and call your feet to the dance!


America's Funniest Home Videos (a $100,000 Grand Prize episode)- The Los Angeles Scottish Pipe Band piped Bob Sagat in to the tune of Scotland the Brave. Also at the end of the show, the band comes back out and plays the AFHV Theme music on the pipes. Incongruous.

Anzio - Staring Peter Faulk and Robert Mitchum this example of bagpipes movies has a couple of segments where some British troops were being piped onto the transport ship.

A Shot At Glory – 2002, starring Robert Duvall, Michael Keaton, and Scottish soccer sensation, Ally McCroist. About a 100 year old football (soccer) team in a smaller Scottish town. The movie opens with the pipes playing as a local fan’s ashes are spread on the field. Eric the Piper, played by Finlay MacDonald, appears throughout the movie, piping to support the team.

This is not Finlay MacDonald, the keyboardist with Scottish rock bands Teenage Fanclub and BMX Bands. This Finlay is the son of Pipe Major Iain MacDonald. He has his own band, the Finlay MacDonald Band.


Backdraft - 1991, starring Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, Robert DeNiro. It contains a funeral scene with massed police/fire pipers. Another of the bagpipes movies, the pipers were from the Chicago Emerald Society Pipe Band.

Baraka - 1992, features various world music and new age music. In the final scene of this bagpipes movie, the Kuwaiti oil wells are burning as a piper plays a piobaireachd, adding another to the list of bagpipes movies.

The Battle of Britain - 1969, starring Laurence Olivier, Trevor Howard, and Michael Caine. The air battle sequences are splendidly portrayed and sweepingly dramatic. The P/M Gordon Spiers were the pipers, making this another of the bagpipes movies.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks - 1971, starring Angela Lansbury as an apprentice witch. Listen carefully to hear why this one qualifies in the bagpipes movies.

Bhowani Junction - 1956, starring Stewart Grainger, Ava Gardner, Bill Travers, Lionel Jeffries. To the tune, We're Nae Awa' Tae Bide Awa, in another of the bagpipes movies, an India Regimental pipe band, The Frontier Force Rifles, pipes the departing Colonel Savage (Stewart Grainger) from Bhowani Junction train station (although in India at the time, the regiment is now in Pakistan).

Black and White in Color (Noirs et blancs en couleur) - 1976, in yet another of the bagpipes movies, Highland pipers march over a hill in East Africa to stop the fighting between the French and Germans.

The Black Robe - 1991, starring Lothaire Bluteau, Aden Young, and Sandrine Holt. The story is of a 17th century Jesuit priest's expedition through remote areas of New France (Quebec, Canada). Another of the bagpipes movies, featuring the band 'Ad Vielle Que Pourra', with piper Gilles Plante performing at an outdoor gathering.

Blink - 1994, contains scenes with some of the Chicago bands and a group called 'The Drovers', thus another of the bagpipes movies.

Bonnie Prince Charlie - 1948, David Niven plays Bonnie Prince Charlie in this example of bagpipes movies.

Bonnie Scotland - 1935, starring Laurel and Hardy. This film has lots of piping. Stan and Ollie go to Scotland to claim an inheritance which turns out to be a set of bagpipes that were played at the Battle of Waterloo. In their usual silliness, in this bagpipes movie Stan and Ollie end up in a Scottish regiment and are posted to India. A nice, light bagpipes movies comedy.

Braveheart - 1995, it's the story of William Wallace and stars Mel Gibson. For the average person, an excellent example of bagpipes movies. The Uilleann piper was Eric Rigler.

Mel Gibson in Braveheart

Breaker Morant - 1980, starring Edward Woodward and Jack Thompson. In another of the bagpipes movies, it’s the story of an Englishman who went out to Australia in the 19th century.

Breaking the Waves - 1996, this Danish example of bagpipes movies is set in the Scottish Highlands in the 1960s. The piper is Tom Harboe, a Dane who plays with The Heather Pipes & Drums of Copenhagen.

The Bridge On the River Kwai - 1957, starring William Holden, Jack Hawkins, Sir Alec Guinness, and Sessue Hayakawa. When the British troops arrive, they are marching to the pipers. One of my favorites of the bagpipes movies…loved it in ’57, love it still.

The Bridge On the River Kwai

A Bridge Too Far - 1977, there's a scene in which the relief force comes to the aid of the embattled soldiers holding the Arnheim bridge. They are almost overcome by the time they hear the distant sound of the pipes as the relief force approaches, while being shot at, of course. Another example of Highlanders and their role in wars portrayed in the bagpipes movies.

Brigadoon - 1954, starring Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, and Cyd Charisse. It is about two New Yorkers who become lost while hunting in Scotland. They happen upon Brigadoon, a town that is visible once every 100 years. Another of the bagpipes movies where the piping is the lead-in to the wedding scene. Eight clans come marching across the bridge with their pipers to the fore. The pipers look strange, and they sound even stranger! Today, in Scotland, when someone is over-dressed or inappropriately dressed, it is referred to as Brigadoonery.

The Buccaneer - 1958, starring Yul Brynner, Charlton Heston, and Claire Bloom. It’s about Jean LaFitte and the Battle of New Orleans. There is piping in the battle scene in yet another of the bagpipes movies.

The Americans can see nothing through the mist, but they soon hear the pipes, which slowly get closer and closer, instilling fear into their listeners - an excellent portrayal of how the pipes were used (and why they had been banned) as a weapon of war.

Indeed, as the British advance to the sound of the pipes, one of the generals remarks, "Sends shivers down your spine," to which Heston's character responds, "They're supposed to." The pipers played a three tune set: Highland Laddie, The Cornrigs are Bonnie and Glendaruel Highlanders.


Cal - 1984, set in Northern Ireland. The Uilleann pipes are played by Liam O'Flynn. Paul Brady plays the whistle.

Casino Royale - 1967, starring Peter Sellers, Woody Allan, and David Niven. A spoof on the James Bond movies. The great highland bagpipes appear in three scenes in this example of bagpipes movies. The Peter Sellers character dies and is seen in Scottish garb as the final credits roll by. Five pipebands appeared in the movie: Muirhead & Sons Ltd, Shotts & Dykehead, Edinburgh Police, Glasgow Police, and Invergordon.

The Charge of the Light Brigade - 1968. Trevor Howard, Vanessa Redgrave, and John Giegud. About the Scots Greys Regiment in the Battle at Balaklava in 1854. Brutally authentic, with a Monty Python irony.

Chariots of Fire - starring Ben Cross and Ian Charleson. A piper plays Murdo's Wedding before one of Eric Liddle's track meets.

Chariots of Fire

City Hall - 1995, this Al Pacino thriller takes place in NYC with Pacino as the mayor. There is a policeman funeral with a lone piper playing on a hillside. Barely qualifying in the bagpipes movies, the unknown piper is possibly from one of the NY Police bands. But the piping is dubbed by PM Eric Rigler of the Los Angeles Police Pipe Band.

The Commandos Strike At Dawn - 1943, starring Paul Muni, Anna Lee, Lillian Gish, and Sedriwck Hardwick. This is a WW II propaganda film whose message seems a bit dated now, but the bagpipes were stirring.

Commitments - 1991, starring Robert Arkins and Michael Aherne. This is the story of a band of young Dubliners playing 60's soul music in Ireland. The band was looking to recruit new musicians. A Uilleann piper showed up in answer to the ad, making this another of the bagpipes movies. The credits list the piper as Brian McAodha.

Cop Land – 1997, a Sylvester Stallone film in which the pipes are heard playing My Home in background at a police funeral…thus another of the bagpipes movies.

Culloden - 1964, a BBC documentary shown in the USA as the TV program, You Are There. These programs attempted to recreate historic events, in this case, the Battle of Culloden. It was this battle that caused the pipes to be outlawed as an instrument of war.This bagpipes movies documentary was directed by Peter Walkins and its consultant was John Prebble, author of the books: Culloden (1961), The Highland Clearances (1963) and Glencoe (1966).


Darby O'Gill and the Little People - 1959, this delightful Disney flick includes a Sean Connery so young that he is only easily identifiable by his voice. Darby falls down a well and joins King Brian Connors and his subjects in a subterranean revel in the heart of Mount Knocknasheega, there is a leprechaun standing on a rock playing a reedy, primitive set of pipes.

The Day They Robbed The Bank of England - 1960, the solo piper plays Scotland the Brave and The Barren Rocks of Aden during the opening credits, Farewell to the Creeks in the middle, and Highland Laddie in the closing credits of another example of bagpipes movies.

The Dead Poets' Society - 1989, starring Robin Williams, and Robert Sean Leonard. A piper, performed by John Bradley, plays Scotland the Brave in the opening scene, The Fields of Athenry beside the lake, and also is heard in a dorm room playing the practice chanter. During the closing credits, orchestral music accompanies three other pipers: Henry Rollins, Bill Boetticher, and Mike Reynolds of the Los Angeles and District Pipe Band ~ a nice addition to the bagpipes movies.

The Departed - 2006. A crime thriller filmed in Boston. There’s an all-star cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, and Martin Sheen. A handful of pipers from the NYPD Emerald Society Pipes and Drums were in a scene. The band also played Scotland The Brave.

The Desert Rats - 1953, starring Richard Burton, Robert Newton, Robert Douglas and James Mason. About The Battle of Tobruk, with unusually realistic battle scenes for bagpipes movies. The pipers play Gary Owen when the siege is broken by a British armored unit.

The Devil's Brigade - 1966, features the Salt Lake Scots portraying the pipe band of the Brigade in this bagpipes movies example. Richard Dawson plays one of the pipers, and William Holden plays Colonel William Frederick, who was in charge of both units.

The Devil's Own - 1997, starring Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt. A confrontation between the IRA and the NYPD. Eric Rigler plays the Uillean pipes.

The Drum - 1938, starring Sabu and Raymond Massey. The movie tells the story of an elderly Khan who is anxious for the Brits to insure his throne for his young son. It is about the British regiments and their role in India. The piping scenes in this sample of bagpipes movies are reported to be very good.


English Patient - 1996, the pipes accompany love making ~ an unusual twist in the bagpipes movies. The piper, Bob Murphy, is an ex-Gordon Highlander who now runs a celeidh band in London.

The Evening Star - 1996, starring Shirley MacLaine and Jack Nicholson. In one scene, an old retired general dies and guess what? Amazing Grace on bagpipes is played at his funeral in another of the bagpipes movies.

Eye for an Eye - 1981, Chuck Norris plays the role of a San Francisco Police Department narcotics officer who resigns and goes on a personal crusade to find the people that killed his partner. Bagpipes are played during his partner's funeral, qualifying this in the bagpipes movies.


Fame - 1980, in the very first minutes, during the audition sequence, one of the students attempting to gain entry to the New York High School of the Performing Arts was playing the Highland Pipes.

Far and Away - 1992, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The pipes can be heard during the opening of the main titles.

Far and Away

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 1986, starring Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck. The movie is about a rich kid's skipping school. It contains a parade scene with a pipe band in downtown Chicago, thus joining the bagpipes movies.

Ffolkes - 1980, starring Roger Moore, James Mason, and Anthony Perkins. During the opening credits, a distant piper is heard but not seen. In the closing scene, while Ffolkes receives an award from a grateful Prime Minister, a piper plays…adding another to the list of bagpipes movies.

The Field - 1990, starring Richard Harris and John Hurt. It is the story of an Irishman's blood ties to the land. Set in the 1930's, a wealthy widow decides to sell the land to an American. There is Uilleann piping, including Stockton's Wing in this example of bagpipes movies.

The Fighting Prince of Donegal - 1966, this Disney production has some great highland bagpipes playing at a couple of different spots, adding it to the list of bagpipes movies. They are played in a feast scene that takes place at the castle of The MacSweeney. Again toward the end when the big battle is being fought at Donegal castle, as they attempt to roust out the English invaders.

Five Graves to Cairo - 1943, an English soldier impersonates a German spy in order to learn the secret of Rommel's five graves. At the end, when the Allied forces are sweeping across the desert, a piper is shown playing...adding a poignant touch to another of the bagpipes movies.

The Four Musketeers - 1975, starring Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, and Richard Chamberlain. It features a bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy duo playing in a tavern scene.

Four Weddings and a Funeral - 1994, starring Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell . Lots of piping qualifies this in the bagpipes movies. The piper at one of the weddings plays Mairi's Wedding and then Highland Cathedral at the reception. Other tunes in the film are Barren Rocks of Aden and Donald MacLeod's, The 51st Highland Division.

Francis in the Haunted House - 1956, a spooky choice from the bagpipes movies. The pipes were played by the bad guys to create the impression that the house was inhabited by a piping ghost.

The Fugitive - 1993, there's a parade scene in which all the piping was done by the Chicago Stock Yards Kilty Band, founded in 1921. The sound track was made by Eric Rigler, Glen Thompson and Aaron Shaw with lots of overdubbing to make it sound like a whole pipe band. They play Wha Saw the 42nd in this good example of the bagpipes movies.


Gallipoli – 1981, starring Mark Lee and Mel Gibson. Before the lads leave the quay to board a train in Egypt, an Austrailian pipe band is playing Cock of the North. The band was the Athol and Ulster Pipe Band from South Australia for this sampling of bagpipes movies.


Gardens of Stone - 1987, starring James Caan, Anjelica Huston, James Earl Jones, D.B. Sweeney, and Dean Stockwell. . This example of bagpipes movies has an opening scene in Arlington Cemetery with piper Dick Blair playing The Flowers of the Forest. It’s about the Vietnam War era, stateside.

Geordie - 1955, starring Bill Travers, Molly Urquhart, and Alastair Sim. The piper was the late Jimmy Wilson in this oldie of the bagpipes movies.

Ghostbusters II - 1989, the Pipes and Drums of New York City Police Department Emerald Society play at the end of this comedic example of bagpipes movies.

Ghost Goes West - 1935, starring Robert Donat, Jean Parker, and Elsa Lanchester. This example of bagpipes movies tells the story of an American grocery tycoon who purchases a Scottish castle, dismantles it, and ships it piece by piece to Florida where it is reconstructed. At a dinner thrown by the laird for the prospective buyer and his family, three pipers (the laird's creditors) march around the dining table playing.

Grandview U.S.A. - 1984, starring Jamie Lee Curtis. At the end, the entire cast goes to a small town parade in Pontiac, Illinois. One of the units shown in this sampling of bagpipes movies is the Morton Highlanders Pipe Band. It is a very brief appearance. The sound track is not of the actual band.

Greyfriars Bobby - 1961, at the end of this Disney movie, Bobby scuttles between the legs of the pipers marching on the Esplanade. They are playing The 79s Farewell to Gibraltar.

Going Home - a Disney TV special featuring Paul McCartney. Paul and his band perform a homecoming concert in Glasgow, Scotland, where they are backed by The Power of Scotland Pipe Band in a fabulous presentation of Paul's mega-hit, Mull of Kintyre in this unusual mix for bagpipes movies.

Gunga Din - 1939, starring Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Sam Jaffe. It is the story of three happy-go-lucky British sergeants in India at the time of the outbreak of the Thugs against the English troops. This sampling of bagpipes movies contains a piping scene in which the tunes Will Ye No Come Back Again and Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu are played. The rescuing 42nd Highlander replacements come just in the nick of time. The regiment can be heard approaching from afar to the sound of The 42nd Highlanders. The pipes return during the final funeral with Lord Lovat's Lament.


Happy Go Lovely - 1951, starring David Niven and Vera Ellen. A special treat in bagpipes movies as the Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band is featured, marching down the Mound in Edinburgh.

The Hasty Heart - 1949, starring Ronald Reagan and Richard Todd. A different twist on bagpipes movies. A mean piping Scot looses a kidney on one of the last days of World War II. He ends up in a multi-national hospital where everyone hates him. Reagan's character recalls his grandfather, "Mac" from the old country, and how much he hates the pipes as a result.

The Hasty Heart - 1983, starring Gregory Harrison as the Scot, Cheryl Ladd as the nurse, and Perry Lang as the Yank. The pipes are heard not seen. This is a remake for TV and is out on video.

Heaven Help Us (a.k.a. Catholic Boys) - 1985, starring Andrew McCarthy, Donald Sutherland, Kevin Dillon, John Heard, Mary Stuart Masterson and Jennifer Dundas. With stars like that, it has to be one of the bagpipes movies. Antics at a Catholic boy’s school.

Help! - 1965, a Beatles movie. At one point the four walk past a mini-parade of bagpipers.

Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown - 1997, starring Judi Dench and Billy Connolly. This is the story of a friendship between Queen Victoria and her highland servant, John Brown. The pipes appear on two occasions during a visit to the royal residence in Scotland, Balmoral Castle. When the royal party arrives, they are greeted by The Cock of the North. On the way to, and at, a picnic by a burn, we hear The Atholl Highlanders and The Blue Bonnets Over the Border, thus adding this one to the bagpipes movies.

Highlander - 1985, starring Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, and Sean Connery as MacLeod's mentor. The film starts with a sword fight in New York but then jumps back in time to a clan battle in 16th century Scotland. There are pipes played as the clan MacLeod emerges across the bridge of Eilean Donan Castle to go to battle with the Frasers, as well as in the battle scene. After the battle, there is also a beautiful scene where a piper plays MacIntosh's Lament outside the castle at sunset. There are also pipes in a village scene where people are dancing ~ a nice addition to the bagpipes movies.

The Highlander

Highlander II The Quickening - 1991, starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, this is a sequel to Highlander, mentioned above. The piper is Stuart Copeland. As Sean Connery is walking around Glasgow, a piper can be seen on a street corner playing High Road to Gairloch. Later in the film, Connery and Chris Lambert sword fight to High Road... although this time it's played on the clarinet or some other lesser instrument. Also as Ramirez is about to die for the second time, Amazing Grace can be heard in the background, adding another to the bagpipes movies list.

Hills of Home (a.k a. Master of Lassie) - 1943 or 1948, this is a Lassie movie set in Scotland. Toward the end there is a funeral scene where 3 pipers lead the way from the church to the grave. If you loved Lassie, this bagpipes movies selection is a must see. I saw it recently, starring Roddy MacDowell as the boy who loved and rescued Lassie.

Hot Scots - 1948, the Three Stooges. A short where Moe, Larry, and Shemp play three knuckleheads who want to be detectives with Scotland Yard. Pipes are played on a record, while Moe does a Highland Fling ~ another in the comedic bagpipes movies.


I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing - a kids' video, it contains piping and Highland dancing when the kids who are travelling around the world pay a visit to Scotland.

I Know Where I'm Going - 1945, starring Wendy Hillier, Roger Livesey, Pamela Brown and Petula Clark. Wendy Hiller goes off to the Isle of Mull to marry an older multi-millionaire but instead falls for a young naval officer. The Gaelic song Tha Mi Sgith is sung and there is piping as well, adding this to the bagpipes movies list.

Into the West – 1992, starring Gabriel Byrne and Ellen Barkin. The story of two Dublin children who take to the hills on a beautiful white stallion. The Uilleann pipes are used. The film also features music by Clannad and Black '47.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - 1978, a remake of the original, starring Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright, and Leonard Nimoy. In one scene, the couple are hiding in weeds by the waterfront. Piping can be heard from one of the ships tied up to the dock. The tune is Amazing Grace. An eerie addition to the bagpipes movies list.

Iron Will - 1994, starring Mackenzie Astin, Kevin Spacey, and David Ogden Stiers. The movie may take place in the Yukon, but it’s still in the bagpipes movies as a pipe band plays Orange and Blue as a march at the start of a race.


JFK - 1991, starring Kevin Costner and Sissy Spacek. The pipes are heard when they are viewing the Sapruder film in the courtroom scene. Though not in the movie, The Flowers of the Forest was played at JFK’s funeral.

Johnny Bagpipes - 1999, the story about a piper Johnny Johnston, whose dream it is to play in a rock and roll band. Sounds incongruous for a bagpipes movies list ~ but…
bagpipes are coming into the rock genre, or mixes of Celtic and rock, more frequently. On their CD Master Blasters, The Victoria Police Pipeband play Top Deck in Perth which includes an electric guitar lick.

Journey to the Center of the Earth - 1959, starring Pat Boone, James Mason, and Arlene Dahl. The opening scene in this bagpipes movies selection shows the Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band on parade playing Jennie's Bawbee.


Kidnapped - 1960, starring Peter Finch, James MacArthur and Peter O'Toole. The story of an 18th century Scottish boy cheated out of his inheritance by a conniving uncle. The film contains a scene where Allan Breck Stewart and another Highlander duel with bagpipes instead of swords ~ an interesting twist in bagpipes movies. The pipes are single tenor-drone types. The tunes played are simple, but well played.

Kidnapped - 1995, starring Armand Assante, Alan Breck Stewart, and Brian McCardie. Released on cable TV by Hallmark Entertainment. There are wonderful times in the movie when the pipes drift into the background music in a haunting echo - but, being banned, the pipes are never seen. A very effective dramatic device, and good piping in this bagpipes movies selection.

Kim - 1950, a classic of the bagpipes movies. Starring Errol Flynn, the movie has a Scottish Regiment in it playing some Scottish tunes.

King Ralph - 1991, starring John Goodman, Peter O'Toole and John Hurt. It tells the story of what happens when the entire British Royal Family is wiped out, leaving an American as the heir to the throne. A pipe band welcomes John Goodman as he descends from an airplane upon his arrival in England. The band wears full military dress ~ a nice sight in the bagpipes movies.


The Last of the Finest (a.k.a. Blue Heat) - 1990, starring Brian Dennehy. Four pipers from the Los Angeles Police Pipe Band play Rowan Tree and We're Nae Awa' Tae Bide Awa'. The piping was not good: the high A out in relation to the other notes, the players were not together, and there was much racing through the tunes ~ not a really good example for bagpipes movies.

L.A. Story - 1991, starring Steve Martin and Victoria Tennant. A billboard by the side of the freeway writes messages just for Steve Martin. At the end of the film, a message promoting the Queen's Own Highlanders starts to play Amazing Grace. A typically ironic Steve Martin movie, but still a sample of the bagpipes movies.

Lawrence of Arabia - 1962, starring Peter O'Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, and John Hawkins. In one scene, Lawrence and some other officers are talking on the porch of a building in Cairo as a pipe band marches past playing The Brown Haired Maiden, a good choice for a bagpipes movies selection.

Lawrence of Arabia

The Light in the Forest - 1958, a Disney movie, taking place in the mid-1700’s, with a regiment called The Royal American Rangers. They come marching through some woods near the location of Fort Pitt. The noise so impresses the Indians, that they sign a treaty. The pipers perform Highland Laddie and Cock of the North, and one other tune in this addition to the bagpipes movies list.

The Little Rascals - 1994, one of the kids plays the pipes in a dream sequence by Alfalfa. All the Rascals are in kilts and formal Highland dress, including the dog. Buckwheat plays the pipes. The real piper who supplied the music for the soundtrack is PM Eric Rigler, of the Los Angeles Police Pipe Band. Another classic in the bagpipes movies genre.

The Longest Day - 1962, starring John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and Henry Fonda. The pipers play in a military advance with bullets flying. This bagpipes movies classic has an impressive pipers cast. The piper in charge was William Millen, who was the actual piper who accompanied Lord Lovat's troops on D-Day. The pipers play The Black Bear and Green Hills of Tyrol. The solo piper was Leslie DeLaspee, the Pipe Major to the London Scottish Territorial Army Pipe band, a post which also made him the personal piper to HRH The Queen Mother.


Madeleine - 1950, based on a true story about a Scottish woman who was tried and found not guilty of murdering her lover. There were four real pipers (James Caution, P/M Angus MacAulay of the Lovat Scouts, Andrew Bain of the Metropolitan Police, Calum MacPhee)in this bagpipes movies selection. Two of the tunes played were The Glendarual Highlanders and Mrs MacLeod of Raasay.

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes - 1965, starring Stuart Whitman, Sarah Miles, and Robert Morley. This movie features adventure and sky-high acrobatic stunts as six international aviators compete for a grand prize by flying across the English Channel. . Featuring a pipe band, it’s another addition to the bagpipes movies list.

Mary of Scotland - 1936, starring Katherine Hepburn and Frederic March. The story of Mary, Queen of Scots. Bothwell's band of pipers follows him everywhere, accompanied by drummers. In one scene, this pipe band leads a troop of soldiers into Mary's castle while playing Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border.

Mary, Queen of Scots - 1971, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Patrick McGoohan. Pipers precede Mary over the dunes from Leith when she returns to Edinburgh from France to claim the throne ~ a historical scene that just calls for piping in this bagpipes movies selection.

Margaret's Museum - 1995, starring Stars Helena Bonham-Carter. About Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and the coal mining families. It is a very moving and accurate film. As bagpipes movies go, it’s nice to report that the piping is very good.

The Master of Ballantrae - 1952, starring Errol Flynn, Beatrice Campbell, and Roger Livesay. The movie tells the story of the eldest son of the Laird of Ballantrae who goes off to fight for Bonnie Prince Charlie in The '45. As the clans gather, the pipers play. As in many of Errol Flynn's films, there is plenty of swashbuckling and pirates of the Spanish Main.

The Master of Ballantrae - 1984, starring Richard Thomas, Michael York and John Gielgud. Lots of little snipets of good piping playing throughout this bagpipes movies selection.

The Matchmaker - 1997, starring Janeane Garofalo. Set in Ireland. Tommy Keane is credited with playing the Uilleann pipes.

Meatballs (aka. Summer Camp) - 1979, starring Bill Murray and Harvey Atkin. Murray is the head councilor. In an unexpected twist for bagpipes movies, he wakes the staff with the strathspey, Louden's Bonnie Woods and Braes.

Miller's Crossing - 1990, the theme played throughout the film, in many variations including in Uilleann pipe solo, is taken from a traditional Irish tune. This bagpipes movies choice has a very moving soundtrack.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - 1974, starring John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, and Michael Palin. Towards the end of the movie, Sir Lancelot is passing by a castle when he receives a plea for rescue from a prisoner within. Believing a damsel in distress has sent the message, he single-handedly storms the castle and slays a goodly portion of the wedding party inside. As he dashes up a staircase toward the tower, he passes a stage on which three musicians are playing. One of these is a piper. You'll need a sharp eye to catch it, but it's there.

Mother Lode - 1982, starring Charlton Heston as twin brothers, Silas and Ian McGee who will stop at nothing to locate the Mother Lode of gold in British Columbia. The bagpipes, played by Heston, play a role in this bagpipes movies mystery. Purportedly, the kilt Heston wears is an ancestral kilt belonging to his family.

Mrs. Brown - 1997, starring Judi Dench and Billy Connolly. The story of Queen Victoria and her personal assistant, John Brown. There are pipes, kilts, Scottish dancing, and gorgeous scenery around Balmarol Castle.

Murder by Decree - 1979, starring Christopher Plummer, James Mason, and Sir John Gielgud. A piper plays Flowers of the Forest at the funeral of one of the slain prostitutes.

My Bunny Lies Over the Sea - 1948, a Warner Brothers cartoon starring Bugs Bunny. A bekilted Scot by the name of MacRory comes in playing Scotland the Brave on the pipes. Perceiving an old woman being attacked by an octopus, Bugs cries "I'll help ya granny," and tries to rescue her. Later they have a golf duel. After Bugs has prevailed at golf, MacRory claims he's still the better piper. He pulls out a new instrument, and plays a fast tune. Then Bugs comes in, blowing a bag attached to a whole band of instruments! MacRory gives up. Not your typical bagpipes movies theme.


National Velvet - 1944, starring Mickey Rooney, Donald Crisp and Elizabeth Taylor. Set in England, a kid who is crazy about horses and an embittered former jockey buy an unmanageable brute of a horse and enter him in the Grand National Sweepstakes. The race scene is accompanied by a pipe band playing Piobaireachd of Donald Dubh at a break neck speed.

Negotiator - 1998, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey. The movie features the Pipes & Drums of the Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department. Typical of bagpipes movies, they perform at a funeral

1969 - 1999, starring Winona Ryder and Kiefer Sutherland. The pipes are heard, but not seen, during the funeral of a brother who was killed in Vietnam ~ a moving but expected bagpipes movies scene.

Northern Lights - 1979, Sean Folsom played both the Northumbrian Small Pipes and Uilleann Pipes. His wife, Sharon Folsom, played an Irish harp.


Den Ofrivillige Golfaren (The Unwilling Golfer) - 1991, a comedy starring Lasse Åberg. In the end of this Swedish bagpipes movies selection, there is a pipe band, The Caledonian Pipe Band of Sweden.

The Old Man of Lochnagar - a children's story written and narrated by Prince Charles. This BBC production runs only 20 minutes and tells the adventures of an old man who lives in a cave in the Scottish Highlands near Balmoral, a royal castle in Scotland. Prince Charles displays his own set of bagpipes in this short bagpipes movies choice.

The Omen - a pilot for an NBC TV series shown August 9, 1995. In the final three minutes, the Vancouver Police Pipe Band provide the visual and acoustic ambiance of a Boston St. Patrick's Day parade --- shot in Vancouver’s Gas Town. Lots of good close ups of the band playing in this bagpipes movies selection.

In the words of John Briggs, a side drummer in the band:

The scene was completely staged and took 12 hours to film. Since dialogue was being filmed at the time, we were required to mime our playing (no sound at all). In order to make it look as real as possible the pipers removed their reeds and blocked the stocks and chanter from the inside with Kleenex so the bags would stay inflated. The drummers had to try real hard to look like we were playing but not hit the drum. They recorded us playing a series of 6/8 tunes (can't remember what they were) later in the day and then dubbed them in. It actually came out not too bad.

The Onion Field - 1979, starring John Savage, James Wood, and Ted Danson. The film is marred by poor sound quality, though the piping by Seamus Coyne of California is supposed to be quite good. A bit of MacCrimmon Will Not Return is played. There is also a young lad at a festival who plays part of The Mist Covered Mountains.

One Night Stand - 1997, starring Wesley Snipes and Nastassja Kinski. In one scene Wesley Snipes is trying to get to the airport, but is blocked by a parade through downtown. The band is the City of Blacktown Pipe Band from Sydney, Australia, playing The Minstrel Boy.

On the Double - 1961, starring Danny Kay, Dana Wynter, Wilfrid Hyde-White, and Margaret Rutherford. Danny Kay plays a GI who is forced into impersonating a British General. Along the way he has to do the sword dance, which he, of course, does badly to some unseen pipers. The pipes reappear briefly during the final credits as a Victory Day march by.

Out of Africa - 1986, starring Meryl Streep, Klaus Brandauer, and Robert Redford. A piper plays Wagner’s Wedding March on the pipes.

Oxford Blues - 1984, directed by Robert Boris and starring Rob Lowe and Ally Sheedy, the film features the great highland bagpipes in the sound track. The hero needs to get to England to find his dream girl, Lady Victoria. He hustles money with the stake from an older woman who picks him up. He gets the girl in the end.


The Package - 1989, starring Gene Hackman and Tommy Lee Jones. At a wreath-laying ceremony, a full pipe band plays Amazing Grace and The Minstrel Boy. The film, which takes place in Chicago, features the Emerald Society Pipes & Drums of the Chicago Police Department who are often in bagpipes movies.

Paratrooper - 1953, starring Harry Andrews and Alan Ladd. The unit's Sergeant Major is a Scot, who is always saying "Pity the man who wasn't born in the Highlands and hears the pipes." In his death scene he insists he can hear the pipes. Indeed, he can, for reinforcements are coming.

The Party - 1968, starring Peter Sellers as a bumbling Indian actor. The movie opens with an attempted re-make of the famous Gunga Din scene, complete with pipers.

Patton - 1970, starring George C. Scott and Karl Malden. Montgomery's pipe band plays Scotland the Brave when the Yanks and Brits join forces in a victory parade in Sicily in this example of bagpipes movies.


Paul McCartney - a Paul McCartney concert shows up periodically on the Disney channel and has a rendition of the Mull of Kintyre with a pipe band.

Petite Paudete - featuring pipes and hurdy-gurdy.

A Perfect World - 1993, starring Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, and Laura Dern. Near the end of the movie, Costner’s character dances with a farmer’s wife. The bagpipes appear on screen, but actually a record is played that has bagpipes on it. The recording is of a Cajun band playing a waltz called, Big Fran's Baby, composed by Clint Eastwood. Even for bagpipes movies that's a convolution.

The Pest - 1997, starring John Leguizamo, who owes the Scottish Mafia some money. There are a few scenes where the great highland bagpipes are played.

The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling - a documentary about bagpipes. Features include Finbar Furey on the Uilleann pipes, a large festival in France with lots of pipes and hurdy-gurdys, an inteview in Nova Scotia with John Walsh about making shuttle pipes, and a Northumbrian piping festival in Vermont. It was produced by, and is available from, SeaBright in Nova Scotia.To add this to your bagpipes movies collection contact

SeaBright Murphy Video ProductionsP.O. BoxAntigonish, NS B2G 2

Pit Pony - 1999, TV series, available in VHS or DVD, tells the story of coal miners in Nova Scotia. In one program, a young lady is getting married, and the whistle-benkie [itinerant piper] arrives a week early. She is required to house and feed him and cannot afford the expense. But she and the groom are piped to and from the wedding. This is one of my favorites from the series.

The Playboy of the Western World - 1974, starring Sinéad Cusack, Marrgaret Flaherty, and Pauline Delaney. The hero, John Hurt, plays Uilleann pipes. There are several versions of this play, but no movie listings can be found for the 1974 version.

Postmortem - 1998, starring Charlie Sheen, Michael Halsey, and Ivana Milicevic. Typical for bagpipes movies, a piper plays Amazing Grace at a funeral in the last scene of the film.


The Quiet Man - 1952, starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Taking place in Ireland, the pipes are played during the steeplechase race. The tunes played are The Rakes of Mallow, St. Patrick's Day, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (which if it weren't an Irish movie would be My Lodging's on the Cold Ground) and The Kerry Dancers. A must-see in the bagpipes movies list ~ not for the pipes, just in general.

The Quiet Man


The Rare Breed - 1966, starring James Stewart, Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith, Juliet Mills, and Don Galloway. Brian Keith plays a Scot ranch owner who invites Maureen O’Hara to tea, welcoming her with the bagpipes.

A River Runs Through It - 1992, starring Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, and Tom Skerritt. At a picnic, a piper plays Mairi's Wedding. The shot shows the back of the piper's head.

Riverdance - December 1996, a PBS special in the bagpipes movies genre, which presents a version of the London stage show, Riverdance. The Uilleann pipes, played by Davy Spillane, are heard in many sets and featured in the solo, Caoineadh Cu Chulainn, a lament for Cuchulain, the great Irish hero and leader who fought the sea.


Road to Avonlea - Produced for the CBC Family Hour and based upon the works of L. M. Montgomery. In an early episode (c.1991), a haggis is piped in at a dinner honoring hotel owner Simon Tremayne's noble brother or cousin. In another episode (c. 1995), a local farmer plays Scotland the Brave to his Angus bull. In a sequel, Happy Christmas, Miss King, c. 1998, a band, which looks like the Black Watch marches with non-kilted soldiers, playing Scotland the Brave. Later they play Highland Laddie near an enlistment booth.

The Road to Bali - 1952, starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour. A south Pacific princess is the product of a Scottish father and island mother. To impress her at a banquet, Bob and Bing come out in Highland attire, carrying what appear to be real pipes. They tell a few Scottish jokes and then throw the pipes to the ground to engage in something like a fling ~ funny but not a good example of bagpipes movies.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars - 1964, starring Paul Mantee, Adam West, and Vic Lundin. Crash landing on Mars, Crusoe makes Martian bagpipes out of reeds he finds in an underground canal.

Rob Roy, The Highland Rogue - 1953, starring Richard Todd, Glynis Johns, James Robertson Justice, and Finlay Currie. This Disney example of bagpipes movies was filmed on location in Scotland and is far better family entertainment than the 1995 version. The movie begins with a Highland attack upon a column of Redcoats, and their charge is led by the piper who soon throws down his pipes to draw his sword and fight. The pipes are also played at Rob and Helen Mary's wedding and at the funeral of Rob's mother. Usually a story about Scotland and its culture is included at the beginning of this movie. It features rough footage of highland dancing and pipe bands at a highland games in the 1950's.

Rob Roy - 1995, starring Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, and John Hurt. There is a lot of violence, sword fights, and sex, but it is a very good movie for all that. It features music by Capercaille with Paddy Moloney and Davey Spillane on Uilleann pipes. The Scottish small pipes played by Fred Morrison at a céilidh early in the film. As the soldiers leave the castle in pursuit of Rob Roy, the tune played is O'Sullivan's March, aka, The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow. This has become a classic and, as a bagpipes movies selection, is readily availabe.

Rob Roy

Rockets Galore - 1957, starring Donald Sinden, Gordon Jackson, and Ronald Corbet. Sequel to Whisky Galore. A lone piper plays a lament after the sacred rock, signifying the safety of the island, rolls down from its perch on top of a hill. There is also a lament in Scottish Gaelic.

Rover Dangerfield - 1991, this animated movie starring Rodney Dangerfield featured George Hall, currently Pipe Major Los Angeles Police Emerald Society Pipe Band, playing several tunes as well as some noodling in the turkey scene.

Rudy - 1993, starring Sean Astin and Ned Beatty. A true story about a steel worker’s son who dreams of playing football for Notre Dame. There is piping in an Irish pub.


Saturday Night Live (TV) - a skit with Nancy Kerrigan, in a car at a St. Patrick's Day Parade. The pipe band featured was the Cu'Chullain Pipe Band of Morristown, NJ.

Scooby Doo (TV cartoon series) - Scooby Doo and the gang are touring Scotland and are to stay at a highland castle. As they ride bikes towards the castle, they spot a piper up the road playing Scotland the Brave. Scooby being his usual clumsy self, ends up not only crashing into the piper but replacing his pipes. The piper for this cartoon was Seumas Coyne, who runs a Highland import shop in New York. There is another episode in which Scooby plays the pipes to attract a Nessie which turns out to be a submarine.

The Secret of Roan Inish - 1994, a movie about silkies, ancestors and children. The pipe tune played may be O'Sullivan's March.

The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao - 1994, starring Tony Randall and Julie Christie. There is pipe music playing when the Loch Ness monster grows and starts chasing one of the characters in the movie.

The Simpsons Halloween Special - 1995, in an apparent parody on the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, groundskeeper Willie, the school's Scottish custodian, is seen sitting next to the furnace playing the Highland bagpipes. There are a couple of other Simpsons’ episodes featuring Willy's torturous piping. In the 1998- 99 season, there is an episode where Homer and Mr. Burnes travel to Scotland to capture the Loch Ness Monster. The Simpsons closing theme is played with the bagpipes.

The Simpsons

Sinful Davey - 1969, starring John Hurt, Pamela Franklin, Nigel Davenport, Ronald Fraser, and Robert Morley. The Duke of Argyll takes a liking to Davey. There is a ballroom scene where pipers play and kilted guests dance and mill about.

So I Married an Axe Murderer - 1993, starring Mike Meyers. The piper, Jack Cunningham of San Francisco, played Scotland the Brave during the wedding ceremony and a Rod Stewart song, If You Want My Body, at the reception. Mike Meyers sang along in a rich Scottish accent...oh the bagpipes movies...

Some Mother's Son - 1996, starring Helen Mirren and Fionnula Flanagan. A piper plays The Mistrel Boy at Bobby Sands's funeral.

Something Big - 1971, starring Dean Martin, Brian Keith, Honor Blackman, and Ben Johnson. Joe Baker had a sidekick named Scotty, who was a bearded red-haired man. Scotty played the bagpipes on horseback in a couple of scenes. The pipes were out of tune.

Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan - 1982, starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelly, Richardo Montalban, James Doohan and Walter Koenig. Scotty plays Amazing Grace on the great Highland bagpipes at the funeral of Mr. Spock. For Trekkies especially, what a classic in bagpipes movies.

State of Grace - 1990, starring Sean Penn and Ed Harris. The story of Irish gangsters in New York with extensive gun fire during a St. Patick's Day parade. The music was provided by Don McNear, Bill Merriman, Liz Steuber, John Steuber, Derek Richie and Ron McGlastien of the Prince Charles Pipe Band of San Francisco, taped and over-dubbed to give the sound of a full band. One of the bands which appears on the screen is NYC Dept of Correction pipe band. Another is the IBEW Local #25 Pipe and Drums from Long Island.

Straw Dogs - 1971, starring Dustin Hoffman. The sound of bagpipes is a significant dramatic factor in the action of the film.


TAPS - 1981, starring George C. Scott, Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, and Timothy Hutton. Early in the film there is a scene of a pass and review of the cadets, with a pipe and drum corps marching, but not playing. They flash by for roughly 5 seconds, just holding their pipes, and then they're gone.

Tea with Mussolini - 1999, starring Cher, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, Maggie Smith, and Lily Tomlin. When the allies marched into town, there were pipers.

The Thirty Nine Steps - 1978, starring Robert Powell and Karen Dotrice. A piper plays at an English manor where the hero is hiding out. Guests are summoned downstairs by a piper.

The Three Lives of Thomasina - 1963, this Disney film has a little boy playing Macintosh's Lament and Loch Lomond at a cat's funeral.

The Three Musketeers, The Queen's Diamonds - 1973, starring Oliver Reed, Charlton Heston and Raquel Welch. There is a Flemish piper performing at an inn.

Titanic - 1997, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Eric Rigler plays the Uilleann pipes on the ship.

Not just Hollywood's interpretation of bagpipes movies, there is historical evidence for pipes having been on the Titanic. A third-class passenger, Eugene Daly, played the Highland pipes on the tender going out to the ship and then played Erin's Lament on the deck as the ship sailed away. He survived; his pipes did not. He placed an insurance claim for them in the US for $50. When a few things were recently brought up from the Titanic, among them was a set of highland bagpipes in a leather case.


Tommy Boy - 1995, featuring Saturday Night Live performers. There is a funeral for Tommy's father, where a solo piper and a pipe band play Amazing Grace.

Traveller - 1981, starring Davy Spillane, he also plays the Uilleann pipes and the whistle. Two newly married Travellers are sent to Northern Ireland to fetch a load of TV's stereos and radios.

Treasure Island - 1950, starring Robert Newton. Setting Sail is played on the Galician pipes.

Treasure - 1990, starring Charlton Heston, Christian Bale, Oliver Reed, and Christopher Lee. This TNT version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic premiered on cable in 1991 and is now available on VHS. The Chieftains provide music (now available on their "Reel Music" CD), and the Uilleann pipes are the featured instrument.

Tristan and Isolde - 1979, Kate Mulgrew plays Isolde. Other actors included in this bagpipes movies choice are Richard Burton, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Niall Toibin. This is a retelling of the Arthurian Romance featuring an original score by Paddy Moloney. There is an extended original composition on which the Uilleann pipes were combined with a full symphony orchestra. Although the film was not released, it has made its way onto TV and may be out on video.

Trouble in the Glen - 1953, Orson Welles plays a character who inherits a property and a castle. The piping scenes contain the tunes The 42nd Highlanders and The Athol Highlanders, plus some others.

Trouble in Mind - 1985, starring Kris Kristofferson, Keith Carradine, Lori Singer, Genevieve Bujold, Devine, and John Carradine. Filmed in Seattle, Washington, there is a parade scene with the City of Seattle Pipe Band, including Pipe Major Ken Briggs and Drum Sgt. Buddy Maxwell. In real life, some of the Carradines play the pipes.

Tunes of Glory - 1960, starring Alec Guinness and John Mills. This is supposed to be the all-time greatest piping movie, and indeed, the title refers to the bagpipe music. Alec Guinness plays a former Pipe Major and excellent piper, although he is not shown piping in the movie. He is now the Commander (Lt. Colonel) of a Battalion which seems to resemble the Gordons (although the tartan is an original which looks vaguely like MacDonald of Glengarry). Frequently to be heard is the tune, The Black Bear. The pipe band was that of the London Scottish Regiment under P/M Dee de Laspee. This bagpipes movies film has been released on video.


Unconquered - 1947, starring Gary Cooper, Paulette Goddard, Lloyd Bridges, Howard Da Silva, Ward Bond, and Boris Karloff. In the end, Fort Pitt is saved by the arrival of the Black Watch 42nd Highlanders, led by four pipers playing Wha Saw the 42nd and Barren Rocks of Aden . One of the pipers was William Sutherland Reid, recognizable by his crooked arm which was broken and improperly set.

Until They Sail - 1957, starring Paul Newman. Toward the end of the movie, there is a scene with a pipe band playing Barren Rocks of Aden, as they lead a parade of British troops.


Waterloo - 1970, starring Rod Steiger, Christopher Plummer and Orson Wells. In the first half, the pipes and drums and the dancers of the Gordon Highlanders perform at the Duchess of Richmond's ball. A massed attack of French infantry sweep away some allied regiments, and while Picton brings up his troops, he sends the Gordon Highlanders down the hill to hold the French. The pipers march towards the battlefield playing MacPherson's Lament while the soldiers sing along to it. Soon his men are pushed back by the infantry and charged by the heavy brigade of cavalry, including the Scots Greys. Later, when the French cavalry are charging the allied squares, a piper is seen being cut down by a French horseman, and his body is seen again at the end as Wellington reviews the horror of the battlefield.

The Way Ahead (aka The Immortal Battalion) - 1944, starring David Niven, Peter Ustinov and Trevor Howard. The pipes appear briefly during a scene in the middle of the film during a training exercise with tanks, trucks, planes and men going everywhere across the plain - with a piper leading a squad of 20-30 men somewhere.

Wee Willie Winkie - 1937, starring Shirley Temple. The little lass is dressed as a member of a Scottish army battalion. The pipes are played during the drills. At one point a dead Scottish soldier is transported to the cemetery by the entire regiment to Lord Lovat's Lament.

When the Pipers Play, Ladies From Hell Part I and Instrument of War Part II – 2003, a great bagpipes movies trilogy, considered an excellent history of the bagpipes.

When the Pipers Play Trilogy

Whisky Galore (aka A Tight Little Island) - 1949, starring Basil Radford and Joan Greenwood. Set in 1943, a freighter with 50,000 cases of Scotch runs aground on a fictitious Hebrides island. There is a cameo scene with the great Highland piper Neil Angus MacDonald. In the background music, the tune played is The De'il's Awa' Wi' th' Exciseman. The actual setting of the film was the island of Barra and the freighter, the Politician, ran aground near Eriskay.

The Wicker Man - 1973, starring Edward Woodward and Britt Ekland. The Highland Widow's Lament is played on Northumbrian pipes in the sound track. Later, pipers play Oranges and Lemons Said the Bells of St. Clements.

Willow - 1988, starring Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer. The film features border pipes in the sound track.

Wrongfully Accused - 1998, a comedy starring Lesley Nielsen. In one scene he dresses up in a kilt and mixes into a band of pipers playing Scotland the Brave.


The Year of Living Dangerously - 1983, starring Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hunt. The movie tells the story of a small group of Western journalists and diplomats in Jakarta, Indonesia, in the early 1960’s. In the scene where Mel Gibson meets Sigourney Weaver for the first time, he makes a remark about "some damn fool" playing the bagpipe while a riotous mob attacked the British Embassy. Turns out the damn fool was her military attaché at the embassy who plays later on at a New Year's Party.

The Young Lions - 1958, starring Marlon Brando, Mongomery Clift, Dean Martin and Hope Lange. There is a spectacular night battle scene in this bagpipes movie with shells bursting all around, and a piper playing Scotland the Brave.

Within these Bagpipe movies you can hear and see bagpipes either being played in the movie or bagpipe music in the soundtrack.

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