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Aon Graphic Designs

Summary of Aon Graphic Designs
  • Peacock Celtic Knot Greeting Card
  • Celtic Knot Rubber Stamps & a Wedding Gown Idea
  • Celtic Knot Stone Art
  • Pangor Cat Bed
  • Celtic Knot Coat of Arms
  • Celtic Knot Inspirations ~ photo gallery testimonials

Hiring a graphic artist to personalized your Scottish wedding theme was discussed in the Graphics & Motifs For You Scottish Theme Wedding , June 23, 2007 blog. Here's another Celtic graphic artist I've located ~ Cari Busiak, from Alberta, Canada.

As well as gaining a reputation as a Celtic graphic artist, her website, Aon Celtic Designs, has been around since 1995, offering both merchandise and free software.

Peacock Celtic Knot Greeting Card

One of her designs is a Peacock Celtic knot , offered as a greeting card.

If you've picked up on the Peacock Tartan wedding theme The Popular Peacock and Its Colors, August 10, 2007, blog ~ this is a good traditional Peacock design you could use.

Celtic Knot Rubber Stamps

There's a rubber stamp collection available from Amazon ~

More Celtic knot rubber stamps are available from other companies. The links are halfway down the page.

Two stamps of special note are one from Non Sequitur which is a heart and diamond knot design, surrounding "with all my heart" in the center. It has some real possibilities for a Scottish wedding theme ~ napkins, table runners, invitations and announcements, wedding ceremony programs…

The other design is for Enchanted Ink. Look at the dress in the second set of stamps. Using a combination of applique for the intertwining knot design and embroidery ~ smaller knots or thistles ~ for the bodice and sleeve caps could create a Regency period ethereal gown. Adding full, sheer sleeves would give you a Medieval or early Renaissance wedding gown. Or consider a strapless bodice, with the Empire waist, lacing in the back or on the side. Convert the sleeve caps into upper arm gauntlets with billowing sleevesAnd you have a modern adaptation of an historic Medieval gown.

Also remember that wheat is a universal symbol of fruitfulness and prosperity, both of which are wished for as any couple marries.

Celtic Knot Stone Art

In my first blog entry Ceud Mile Failte [June 15, 2007] a work of stone art was the featured photograph. Several pieces of stone art are available from Aon. In light of my recent interest in the Peacock Tartan, this Celtic Peacock on Jasper is just one more example.

Celtic Pangor Cat Bed

One other item you need to look at in their gift shop collection is the Celtic Pangor cat-bed. You gotta see 'em, as a cat-lover, or as a bride looking for unique Scottish design ideas. Even the gold Celtic knot tassels can suggest lots of uses for decorations for your wedding…maybe they'd sell just the tassels.

Take a good look at the catnip toy idea ~ possibly in a fancier fabric, or tulle netting, fill it lavender, tie a Celtic knot…and viola, just like that, you have a memorable, inexpensive, easy Scottish wedding favor…

[continued from the Scottish Wedding Theme Newsroom blog]

Celtic Coat of Arms

Are you considering having a family Coat of Arms designed for your Scottish wedding décor, then displaying it on one of your walls? This example, the Kennedy Coat of Arms shows what Cari can do with your name, clan badge and clan motto.

Read more about the significance of the Clan Badges or Plants and the Clan Mottos for your Scottish wedding theme.

Celtic Knot Inspirations

Other artists who have used her Celtic Knot graphics are displayed on the Celtic Inspirations Pages. Here's a few of the submissions ~
A Celtic Knot Cummerbund by Karoli Kun from page 3

Graphic by Aon Graphic Design, cummerbund by Karoli Kun

A Celtic Deer and Frame, Jamie Gray on page 5. To display on your guest book stand, gift table, in a different medium for the front of your head table or altar cloth. You could select a scripture or quotation that has meaning for the two of you, as you're entering into your marriage contract. Any Celtic design could be used, though the stag is a popular motif in Celtic art.

Design by Aon Graphic Design, artwork by Jamie Gray

A beaded Medieval Crest Beaded Tapestry by Lisa Brideau is on page 6

Design by Aon Graphic Design, tapestry by Lisa Brideau

This and other Cari beadwork designs are available from Bead Patterns for immediate download.

On the June 20, 2007 blog "Concomitants of a Golf Cart ~ Part II", custom window decals with the bridal couple's name and wedding date were introduced.

The design by Carol Paci, shown on page 10 opens up a myriad of ideas for wedding window decals, beyond the traditional "Just Married" name decal.

I'll be investigating and enlarging upon this idea later.

Meanwhile, here's Carol's design ~

Design by Aon Graphic Design, car window decal by Carol Paci

William Johns has submitted a bookplate design, seen on page 10. This could give you a personalized, unique wedding favor for your guests. You could give them just a few and add their names for them. Or give a dozen, with the name area blank.

The design needn't be a dragon. Any Celtic design would be nice. You could create your own design, leave space for their name as the book owner, then add your wedding information, a Scottish quote, or a 'thanks for sharing our wedding day' in small print at the bottom.

Design by Aon Graphic Design, bookplate by William Johns

Two applique banners by Mary Henrich on page 15 gives additional ideas for banners, beyond the embroidered Celtic knots featured on the June 21, 2007, blog Celtic Knotwork Bridal Concomitants.

Design by Aon Graphic Design, banner by Mary Heinrich

Design by Aon Graphic Design, banner by Mary Heinrich

As a designer of websites and graphics, if you're considering building one as your wedding plans unfold, these graphics could assist you in designing an outstanding Wedding Website Page.

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