American State Setts

As well as national tartans, there are many American state setts your can choose for your Scottish theme wedding. From the Atlantic to the Pacific and Canada to Mexico, state tartans are increasing in popularity.

Some commemorate events, others mimic the state’s beauty. Indiana has one named Cardinal. Texas named theirs after the Bluebonnet flower. A few states have more than one.

Here’s an alphabetical listing ~

Arkansas 2737

Arkansas 2678

California WR2454

Colorado 2787

Connecticut 2671

Georgia WR794

Idaho Centennial WR2116

Indiana 3122

Indiana Cardinal 3131

Kentucky 2667

Louisiana 1945

Maine 502

Maine Dirigo 2866

Massachusetts 3676

Massachusetts the Bay State 2138

New Hampshire 2784

New Mexico WR2522

New Mexico Land of Enchantment WR2530

North Carolina 2031

Ohio WR651

Oklahoma WR2429

Rhode Island 2659

South Carolina 2788

Tennessee WR2526

Texas Bluebonnet WR852

Utah Centennial 2702

Vermont WR2261

Washington WR2133

Other states are creating and registering their own tartans. If you didn’t find yours check back once-in-a-while to see if it’s been added.

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