American Military Setts

American military setts can be seen at many of our military institutions. As they began these groups had a large proportion of Scottish-Americans in their original ranks. They made excellent fighting men, their skills well learned in Scotland.

From pre-Revolutionary War through our modern warfare, the Scots have stood us well. A few names through the years are John Paul Jones, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, ‘Uncle Sam’, Stonewall Jackson, JEB Stuart, George Patton, and Douglas MacArthur highlight the list.

Their deeds and accomplishments have served and saved us and many other peoples.

Citadel Military Academy WR572

Leatherneck USMC WR975

Polaris WR222
For the officers and men stationed at the U.S. submarine base on the Holy Loch. An idea from the squadron commander, Captain Walter F. Schlech, this is the first ship in history to have its own tartan.

USAF Reserve Pipe Band WR2437

Virginia Military Academy WR1778

West Point WR1130

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