American Historical Setts

American historical setts, or tartans, have been created to commemorate events in history. The selections are limited, but if they apply to you, they‘re yours to use!

I find Over Mountain and St. Lawrence fascinating, due to the parts of our past they celebrate. For any Southerner who has emotions about the Confederacy, the tartan is beautiful.

The colors represent the Confederate States of America Army, in their battle lines. The light blue is for the infantry, flanked by the red for the artillery, with the yellow for the outriding cavalry. The red also represents the Confederate flag. It also really gives this tartan liveliness.

Confederate Memorial WR2501

Ancestry in the Wilson, Mowbray, or Dunbar of Pitcaveny clans, combined with a Southern heritage could give you a ready-made Scottish wedding color theme.

Wilson WR448

Mowbray WR565

Dunbar of Pitgaveny WR1634

Illinois St. Andrew’s Society WR2051
A philanthropic society founded by Scots around 1840. The tartan was designed to mark their 150th anniversary. The colors represent the State of Illinois Flag, the Chicago sports teams, and the St Andrew's flag.

Over Mountain WR2448
Honoring the Scots who traveled the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road to settle in the South Appalachian Mountains. In the War of Independence the guerillas from the area were called ‘Over Mountain’ men. They defeated a sizable British force in 1780.

St Lawrence WR1030
From it’s headwaters in Minnesota to the Atlantic Ocean. That would include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

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